Marmozel Face Serum: rave review

Hello guys!

I really do try hard to blog more often, but sometimes actions are farther than intentions.. I have de-toured slightly from the all natural week on Tuesday, but have you even forgiven me if I haven't blogged about that awesome event?? However, let me get on track with introducing you an awesome Marmozel serum. I am asked rather often, which natural brand is my favorite, and I usually don't know what to say, because I love them all, I wanna try them all, but so far all the Marmozel products I tried hadn't disappoint, and if I would need to choose, they would definitely be in a nominee list. Seriously though, I can't praise the brand enough, and I am sure many Lithuanians would agree with me.

I don't know about you, but even though I like using serums, after a long day I tend to overlook this skincare step together with a makeup remover, because who wants to spend another half an hour in the bathroom while performing all necessary rituals? Also, for some reason I always had a preconceived notion, that serums are purely anti-aging products, and not needed for younger girls.

When i got into skincare much more, especially when I got to face eye to eye Korean as well as natural skincare, I would occasionally stumble upon a product which my hand reaches for automatically every morning and night, since I can see visible changes. So all this ramble just to tell you how much I like and enjoy Serum for mature (30+) (can we just argue that 30+ is nowhere close to mature yet???) skin. Let's take at the serum itself, let me just start by saying, that I do love it being in a nice vacuum packaging, making it easy to use and dose. It has a slight natural, herbal, but not medicinal smell, and both consistency and packaging makes it easy to dose. It is a light weight, so in my opinion it would suit even oily skin types. However, the never ending issue I have is that my skin tends to flake, so I can attest that this serum helped to sooth and smooth those areas. So, afterall this is a product I am very happy to have tried out, it will be involved in my everyday routine, and I am sure I have forgotten to say something else, while raving about this product. Do you use serums? Do you have your favorite one? Do let me know in the comment section bellow!

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