Essence and Catrice Beauty Event

Hello guys!!

This is quite a different post, but to be honest, I am not quite sure how can I write something, when my brain is so scattered and all over the place, but responsibility is calling.. My fellow bloggers would probably agree, that each and everyone of us are visited by a random thought of the meaning of our blog, especially after that one little negative comment or a slightly nasty email, haven't we all have been there.. However, with blogging and responsibility, sometimes opportunities come along and then you realize, why it is all worth it in the end.

Thanks to Aliona, from Lithuania Beauty blog, I was honored to visit Catrice and Essence beauty event, where representative Santa from Latvia has introduced us to the brands, and Oksana Pikul-Jasaitiene has showed us endless opportunities with cosmetics from creating a day makeup to transforming it to a night out makeup as well as recommended us a few products, she tried and loved such as Catrice Light-reflecting concealer, All Matt Shine Control powder and eyebrow shadow palette, which conveniently comes with tweezers.

Sadly, the lights at the No Sugar Cafe wasn't too well, so this is not the most flattering photo :(

Let's talk about the brands themselves. I think by now Essence and Catrice are brands everyone has heard about before, they do conquer 95 percent of an European market afterall. According to Santa, meanwhile Essence is targeted to the teenage girls, who just start to venture into the makeup, with average retail price being 2.51EUR or 8.65LTL, so they can experiment what works and what doesn't for them, Catrice is more for grown ups, in my experience, it is mostly students, who turn to the brand and their products retails on average 3.63EUR or 12.51LTL. We had a little sneak peak to the new collections, and both of them looks and sounds amazing, and I can't wait until they hit the shelves. The upcoming collections from Essence would be Come To Town or Hidden stories and Catrice would be presenting Vienna Art collection, which looks just fabulous to me!

Essence Come to Town Collection, photo borrowed from

Catrice Vienna Art collection, photo borrowed from an official site

As for event itself, I am missing words to express how I was feeling there, I am pretty sure a child in a toy store would have been able to contain excitement inside much better than I did. It was held at the "No Sugar" cafe, which I have visited before several times, and I do strongly believe they serve the best coffee in town. Noone could argue, that the Essence cupcake pyramid was the most eye catching decoration there, which besides everything is also very yummy, and I don't mean to brag, but we were given some to take home..

We were served awesome cocktails, coffee and strawberry ones, which for some weird reason, didn't make a cut in my photos, can you just shoot me now? Moreover, we had an opportunity to have a proper look at both Essence and Catrice cosmetic stands, without being distracted by other cosmetics, or shop consultants, and to my surprise, I did find some products I tended to overlook in the actual store. Again, lighting is not the best, and frankly, sometimes I am really considering getting a new camera, but hopefully you will be able to see something anyway.

Seriously though, have you got that worst blogger award ready yet? I am not sure what kind of special skills I have to make those photos that blurry... I was shaking with excitement, okay??!!

And of course, we weren't let go without goodies, so do expect a lot of future reviews within next weeks and months....

I just wanna thank to company representatives for having me there, to public relation company organizing the event and making it special, and of course to Aliona for keeping me company, being an enabler, and going to have some wine with me besides her sprained leg. This has been an amazing day, and if heaven exists, this is it.. Hope you enjoyed the post and do let me know, if there is something you would love to try or something caught your eye.

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