Zoella Beauty Line

Good morning, guys!

So my sick leave as well as holidays are over, which technically should mean I should be all fresh and ready to face the world. Well, not quite, but damn, I do need to pull myself together and get back to the blogging world. It should be noted that I do try to write about natural, or unique, probably never head of cosmetics here, but the word T-R-Y can't be stressed enough. As a blogger, I feel obliged to know, what's new on the beauty market, and sometimes, I do slip and buy something which is over-hyped, and no where close to natural. I was feeling conflicted if I should write about this at all, but I don't want to create a picture of a perfect girl, who uses only clean products, this is after all a learning process, and it is not easy to change your habits...Or don't get sucked into the things.

By this point, I can say I am slightly obsessed with Zoe (Zoella on YouTube). I believe I have mentioned her to my significant other so many times, that he managed to recognize her on a TV ad. Can't say I am ashamed. I think she was one of the YouTubers I started watching, and I obsessively check her channel for new vlogs and videos every evening. So when she came out with her own cosmetics line, I did have to take a plunge and get some of the items - to tell you the truth, I feel like buying it all, but feelunique doesn't deliver body mist to my country, I don't have a bathtub for a fizz, and "I really want it" can't justify paying 8GBP for a makeup bag. It is not expensive per-se, but it is more what I am willing to pay for one. Therefore, I got her candle, her shower and bath cream and a body lotion.

I am usually quite conflicted with YouTube "gurus" coming out with their range of makeup or skincare, I feel that it should be left for professionals and it is just using their popularity status, but with this line I forgot all my principles. And, I wasn't disappointed. If you have been watching her as long as I have, when you hold these products in your hand, you just know, it is Zoe from start to finish. Both the scent and the packaging is gorgeous, very girlish, yet sophisticated and perfect for displaying on your bathroom shelf. I have been trying to come up with the description of the scent, but it has proved to be rather difficult. I do feel some dominating floral notes as well as some vanilla, but for some reason, all I can think of, that it smells like clouds and snuggles. Is that good enough of a description for you? As for the products themselves, body wash is rather simple one, it lathers well, it smells nice, and doesn't dry out your skin. The moisturizer is light weight, has the same scent, and is quite a pick me up, if you are having troubles getting out of bed, or if it has been a rough day. So to sum up, if you want to have pretty products on your shelf, and have something to motivate yourself, or just support Zoe, do give those a try.

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