Memebox, Earth and Sea


Sorry once again, but with broken phones and leaking taps, my blogging tends to be neglected, but here am Im bringing you Memebox Wednesday on a Friday.

I love Memebox, if you can't quite tell yet. Not for their slow customer service, but for quality and quantity of the products in their boxes, and the unique themes they come up with. Being an active participant in Memebox communities on Facebook, sometimes I like to think, I might have a little input in that too -Wine and Cheese Box, I am looking at you. Anyhow, even though it sounds weird now, something within the Earth and Sea theme caught my eye, and I had to grab the box without too much thinking, and let me tell you, this is in my humble opinion one of their best boxes,.

Let's take a look, shall we?

One of the reasons why I like Korean beauty products and skincare is the weird concepts they come up with, such as spider extracts in the cleansing foam.. Yeah, I know, sounds kind of gross, but it can't be worse than snails or snakes, right? Also, you are supposed to apply this on a dry skin, which I can't quite get the hang of yet.

One of my favorite products to buy and try out, is face masks. So I wasn't disappointed to see the volcanic pore mask in the box. It does look weird, but for me the weirder the better; I do live alone at the moment, so no-one (as in Stumble Puppy won't) will see me looking like a creep, it smells really pleasant, which usually isn't the case with mud/clay face masks.

There was a charcoal sheet mask as well, which gladly went to my collection, and again, which wasn't used up due to taking a pretty picture of the box, but it is very close on my list. I do imagine it is all black, which intrigues me greatly.

Even though I do tend to neglect face mists in the winter time, I totally shouldn't seeing that my skin has somehow turned from prone to oily to prone to dry, and I do work in from of computer, so this mist would be going to my office essentials bag, and placed at eye level on my desk, so I can remember. It smells very fresh, almost like the sea.

And what a Memebox would be without a nice face cream? This one is exciting cooling gel, which probably isn't the best choice for the winter times; I tend to go for heavier, moisturizing creams, but since curiosity won over, I couldn't add it to my "to try in spring" pile, so this will be used on my pampering sessions, when I go all out and use Korean layering method.

The only product, which I wasn't obsessed with was the Lose Mineral Powder. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about mineral makeup - I am quite interested in the concept at the moment, however, it felt slightly out of place in this box. I guess mineral equals "found in the earth" in Memebox team world. I despise the packaging a great deal: it is confusing, and very hard to use, and if I unscrew the cap, it makes it difficult to get the proper amount on the brush. I would have rather had another skincare item, a scrub or something, so this will either be used up in time, or given away to someone who would enjoy it more than I do.

Overall, this is a very impressive box, and I am really happy with it's contents. Have you tried any Memeboxes yet? Or do you have an eye on some? Do let me know :)

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