Beauty Expo, Grozis 2014

Good morning guys!

I might be the worst blogger in the world. I went to the Beauty Expo yesterday, and I was meaning to make a post in the afternoon, but somehow my few hours in the expo ended up being almost 6hours, and in the evening I was off to meet up with some virtual friends, and when I got home at half past ten, I was too exhausted to even speak..

Anyhow, the Beauty Expo, Grozis 2014 is taking place in a harbor town in Lithuania, Klaipeda. There were a lot of well known as well as smaller companies, not to forget Lithuanian brands, such as Uoga Uoga, Vivi and Muilo namai (which translates to "soap home").

I was surprised how many people were there, as well as how friendly people presenting the products was. Well, the most of them, I have to mention a little incident though.I was interested in "The Organic Pharmacy" line, since I have read a lot of good reviews, however the girl from the company representing them, have told me indirectly, that this line is expensive and I won't afford it. Rude, much?

Oh, I also got a facial done at O.D.A booth at the expo price, where the cosmetologist was really friendly, she kept explaining eveyrhing, and seems like she soothed my annoying dry patching problem at the nose and chin area. I haven't felt so pretty in quite a while.. And, I, of course forgot to ask her name...

Are you bored yet? So I will try to cut down talking - or writing in this case - to a minimum and overload you with photos..

Let's start with the one, which probably attracted most people, because not only it looked very pretty and unique, but also smelt very nice. That would be Scent Bar, selling niche perfume. My camera has gone off battery by then (yup, worst blogger award here I come), so I am using photos company sent me.

Next stop, Planter's, natural italian company, making skincare and hair care lines as well as some makeup such as mascaras and BB cream. They also do a universal cream, which is convenient to have in the purse at all times, and if my memory is correct (told you-worst blogger ever), who doesn't have a notebook with them, they come out with new tins every four months.

The newest collection

The one before. Just look at those owls and elephants.

Next step, ecological and natural Lithuanian company, VIVI, which name means full of life. I have been curious about their products for quite a while, but every time I passed the store, I left empty handed because sales assistant aren't really helpful and I was turned off (that's probably a bad choice of words), but the lady representing the company at the expo was really lovely and I finally gave in and bough myself a little treat. Anyway, let's move to the photos, look at those beauties!

Do you like cosmetics which look like food? I do! So it comes to no surprise, that I have been circling around the Muilo Namai (Soap home) booth like a hawk around the prey, not only it smelled delicious, but it looked amazing as well. I am a Libra, so making decisions isn't my strongest quality, and when each soap smells like heaven, I couldn't help but want to get all of them... Would you be able to resist? sorry for a blurry photo though...

Next, Uoga Uoga (or Berry Berry), another natural Lithuanian company, which I like and use on weekly basis, their fresh masks are to die for! However, I was on the hunt for a specific product, and sadly they decided not to have it in the expo due its tendency to melt :( However, look at this beautiful booth..

Ah, the pretty blur... got that award ready yet?

And of course, "mandatory haul", did you think I left empty handed? Is that even technically possible in the expo's? Thank you for the companies, who wanted to talk with me, and tell me about their products, who were patient enough to answer my questions, and of course generous in samples :)

The weather in Klaipeda is awful today, so if you live there, I recommend that you go and pay a visit :) P.s. this has taken me over four hours, because being clumsy as I am I managed to miraculously lose the big part of the post and had to rewrite it.. Seriously, where is that award? Hope you have enjoyed the post, and if you would like me to review a particular product, don't hesitate and let me know! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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