Reviva Labs, Honey and Almond Scrubs review (rant)

Hello hello!

It is a mini celebration today, guess who's Facebook page has just reached 100 likes this month? Looking back at my posts, I realized, that basically all of my reviews has been positive, and that's fine, it just means I do my research before buying a product. But sometimes, some things seem too good to be true, so before you get all suspicious about me being sponsored and writing only good reviews, this is a rant one. Yes, sometimes I don't like products. Sometimes, I have a discussion with myself, whether to write a bad review or not, since I would like positivity in my blog... However, this product is just so bad, that I have to rant..

1) Let's see at the appearance of it, it might just be me, but it reminds me of some kind of construction materials...(package wise)..

2)Consistency is extremely weird, it reminds me of a primer you would put on your walls before sticking the tiles on..

3) The smell isn't mind blowing at all, personally, I feel like it smells of, again, construction glue..

4) Sadly, I can't say anything about the effect on your skin, since after two uses, which both felt like slathering cement on your face, I decided not to bother anymore and toss it on to the "I regret buying" pile..

Maybe this product works for other people, but sadly, it wasn't for me.. Do you guys know any good natural scrubs which you recommend? Have you bought a product which disappointed you greatly? Do let me know in the comment section below :).

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