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I am so sorry for hiatus, but I feel like unbearable headache and anxiety attacks are quite a good excuse for abandoning this blog for a while. I didn't want to post while not feeling well, since it would reflect on the posts, and I didn't want them to feel forced, but I will try to come back on track...

Let's talk about embarrassing, but unavoidable things today. We all sweat. Some of us less, some of us more, and for some it is about crossing many bridges of hell until finding the product, which works. If someone would have told me before, I wouldn't have believed, but recently I found out, that only natural deodorants work for me.

No words can express, how happy I was, when I got an offer to choose some Marmozel products to try. I jumped on the offer without thinking much, trying to choose several products from all categories. They have a spray bottle deodorant, which, having done the discovery mentioned above, I had to try. I have been using nothing, but that the last days, and I can say, it works.

My initial impression was, well, this is weird, it is unusual, since I always used sticks and not aerosols. After all, we are all the victims of habits. Then I opened the cap, and smelled it. The smell is herbal, but pleasant, and once it is sprayed, doesn't linger for too long.

To my biggest surprise, it does do the job, and guards you from sweating and unpleasant smells.

At first glance, it might seem slightly pricey (33LTL for 50ml), but sometimes you have to pay for comfort and quality. I would gladly purchase the deodorant again once I run out, since I forgot about feeling uncomfortable and trying to hide all unpleasant smells the second half of the day.

And, being curious as I am, I had to ask few questions, and had the honor of getting answers from the maker herself :)

1) I wanted to know, why from all the products they chose a deodorant to make, and the answer was, that the line was developing naturally, they already had the face creams, moisturizing waters, hair mask, so the next obvious option, had to be a deodorant, so they created it. She also said, that they create, when they have suggestions from the buyers or the need to refresh, so hopefully we will see some new items on the shelves soon..She also wanted to take delight in deodorant being one of the strongest products in the line.

2) Second, I was very curious. The description of the deodorant said, it doesn't absorb in the skin, and doesn't stain clothes, so I asked how it was possible. The explanation I got was, that the aim of cosmetics is actually to work on the surface, it doesn't have to absorb. The aim of the deodorant - to prevent sweat smelling bacteria to form, but not to disturb the natural process- sweating itself. It is very important. Any store bought unnatural deodorants does just that: stops the natural body functions, therefore all the bad stuff stays in the body, and the outcome is easily guessable, right? So the way this deodorant works, that alum powder in combination with water and essential oils covers skin with a washable layer, which has antibacterial properties and slightly absorbs humidity. Therefore, body is able to release the sweat, but deodorant protects from unpleasant smell.

3) I also wanted to know, how it would be possible to convince people, who swears by unnatural deodorants and would be skeptic towards this, to try it anyway. And, obviously, the only option there, is to try it anyway, if it doesn't work, they won't lose anything, but once they tried it, chances are, they will come back.

Once again, this is highly recommended :) Have you tried any natural deodorant? Did you like it? Have you tried any other Marmozel products? Do share in the comments :)

P.s. I want to thank Marmozel for this opportunity and for the patience while I was writing this post and asking way too many questions...

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