Sierra's Bees Manuka Honey Cream review


Can you feel winter coming? I can :) Well, okay, maybe I am looking a bit too far ahead, but I think i am just so tired of a hot summer :)

Anyway, I decided, that while weather is getting colder and colder, is only appropriate to introduce you with the Sierras bees Calendula cream, which in my opinion is best suited for the colder months.

Although frankly, I really like it, so I have been using it in warmer months as well, which is quite surprising since I tend to go after more gel consistency creams, and this is a rather thick moisturizer., but I really love this cream and find myself reaching for it every morning.

I wonder why some products are so easy to write about: you can just pinpoint both pros and cons without thinking, and say that is exactly why you like or dislike them, where there are others that you have to sit and really think what's so great about them (some great products get overlooked due to this, since I decide not to blog about them, because I can't just say, "this product is awesome, go and buy it, okay??!").

I have honestly been sitting by this blog post for over two hours now, and am really struggling to express my love for the cream. Let's start with consistency: it is rather thick, as mentioned above, but beside that,it sinks into the skin relatively quickly, without leaving it greasy. In the winter times it would be perfect for both hydration and protection when the cold weather pinches.

Besides that it sinks perfectly well, the cream doesn't interfere with makeup, and you can start applying it almost immediately. Sometimes thicker creams tend to clog your pores, but that is not the issue with Sierras bees cream :).

Also, even though I don't have kids, I would think it would be a perfection option to use on their cheeks before going out for a sleigh ride or walks in the parks.

It is a good value for money as well, on Iherb it costs 15.16USD at the moment for 60ml, I bought it during one of their specials, and got lucky, I paid 1.95USD :), so basically free :)

If you ever stumble upon any discounts, don't hesitate to pick it up, even though, I am considering buying it again at full price, when I run out.

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