Memebox, Skincare

After I have bashed Memebox last week, it only felt appropriate that I write a long praising post with the box where I literally loved everything and I have sworn, I will get every and each and every version of it they come up with...

When I opened the box my initial thoughts were "Wow, this looks luxurious!". The first product, which has caught my eye, was Tea Tree Toner. As mentioned in my previous post, I can't seem to be able to incorporate toner in my skincare routine, however, this toner excites me. It is a little bit weird since it has powder and essence, you are supposed to shake it well and then apply on the skin.

Secondly, there was a very intriguing cream, with an interesting name, very cute pink packaging and cream being like jello in consistency and having a pink shade..This will become a part of my night-time skincare routine, and I will be sure to report the results later on :)

Then I saw a white dew serum. I am in love with Korean serums and I have yet to find one I don't enjoy. Not only it looks very fresh, clean and spa-ish like, it is also free from chemicals which are harsh on your skin, and it is supposed to even out skin tone and brighten dark spots. I am very excited to see if there are any results!

In a very neat paper packaging I found Benton snail essence :) . I am still slightly on the fence of using snail slime enriched products, but it felt smooth and nice and once I will overcome my knowledge of what it contains, I will try it out..Well, so I did, but it broke me out, so I ended it up swapping for a CC cream on Memebox group on Facebook :).

Then there was an eye cream.. If Memebox includes an eye-cream in every second of their boxes, I will have enough by the time I actually do get wrinkles. I haven't tried this one yet, since I didn't want to break the seal before I use the ginormous one up..

Memebox usually puts only full size products, or very deluxe sample sizes, so this two see two small sample sizes was quite a surprise to me, but since they smelled delightful it can be forgiven :)

Anyway, as soon as they come up with another version of Skincare themed Memebox, I am snatching it up without a second thought.. They did come up with the second version: Step by Step skincare, which I did buy :) Now, they are out with the third, but since my skin even though sensitive, is nowhere close to dry besides my chin and nose, I will pass it up :).

Have you tried any of Memebox'es yet? Did you enjoy it?

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