L'occitane Surprise box (September, 2014)


It is another Monday, and I am sitting here writing about L'occitane again.. (okay, okay, I am pre-writing, but it will be Monday)...Should I make this a thing?? Just kidding, I am sure, it would get boring pretty soon if it would be all I write about. However, I am here to present yet another surprise box from them (yes, the addiction excuse is still valid :P).

This month I managed to last for two weeks before I finally gave in, and bought one. In comparison with previous boxes (at the time, when I still didn't have a blog), one can see a huge improvement. Also, maybe my intuition was just right this time, because guess what, the foaming cleanser was in this month's box! So yay, that solves the buy or not to buy question for me :)..

Other than that, they have included peony hand cream, and even though I have to say I am not a fan of the peony smell, I do love L'occitane hand creams; both in the means of hydration, sinking in the skin quickly, and the convenience factor due to size of the cream, being perfect for throwing into your handbag or makeup bag.

Then there was a peony mini perfume - yay once again, since I have a little project in my mind for making nice and little makeup corner in my room and this would be perfect for that.Although, it does come in a very cute little box, and sometimes I think I have fetish for packaging, because I tend to keep them until they pile up, before taking a plunge and throwing it all out. Anyway, even though I am not that into peony smells, this one is kind of nice, not overpowering, and would be something I would use when lacking motivation :). The only drawback? The cap was screwed so tight, that I had to take bottle to work and ask a coworker to open it for me with a puppy eyes :)

If you are not overwhelmed by the cuteness yet, isn't this face cream just divine? Yes, a slight pun intended :), since the cream title is "Divine Cream". I unscrew the cap, saw the nice little foil, and put the cap back on - see, what I mean??

And again, loads of samples this time :). Besides that, they included 20litas off the next purchase over 89litas , which I think is very thoughtful of them, so if you really enjoyed something from the box you can use it on the full size product, or if you are new to L'occitane on something you wanted to try, but never took the plunge. Did you try anything from L'occitane yet? Did you enjoy it? Do let me know in the comment section bellow.

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