Sunday Specials (Vegan Tuck box)


Not that my posts aren't million words long anyway, as you probably gathered, I opened Sunday specials category just so I can talk even more. Are you hungry? I do hope so, since this post is about food. So, before you go ahead and read this, get yourself a snack: chances are, you will be involuntary reaching for one.

If you have been following my blog posts constantly, you would know, that I am subscription box addict. Be it beauty, or any other (you won't believe how many are out there..). When I first heard about food subscription boxes, I couldn't contain my excitement.. That is until I found out that majority of them only deliver locally... Lithuanian food companies, would you please jump on the band wagon?? "Mi ir Do buttery butter", would you consider??

How many of you are going, just get to the point, damn you, already?? So, today I proudly present you a Vegan Tuck Mini box. It is a vegan snacks subscription box, sent to you every month.

The picture above reveals, how this month's box looked, and to be honest, I did try to make pictures of every product, and how it looks inside, but only one of them made the cut. Because, well, No No's were wayyy too good to be waited to be photographed, and how do you make a photo of rice drink or the seeds? Well, I guess you could, but come on, we all know how it looks :) And the Raw bar is too unphotogenic to be published :)

So, in this month's box there were 5 awesome items - and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed.

1)There was a huge pack of strawberry and cream popcorn - I didn't even know, those existed..I haven't tried them yet, since I am not a fan of popcorn, but I will do so at some point.

2) The chocolate bar with a cute, but unrecognizable animal was eaten first, and it was yummy. If I didn't know, I wouldn't have said it was vegan, it had a minty kick to it, slightly similar but ten times better than After eight :)

3) Then there was a 250ml can of rice-coconut milk, which I am planning to take with me to work and drink instead of the second cup of coffee..

4) And as told before, the star of this month's box, was No No's, just imagine good quality candies, similar, but thousand times better than M&M's and all vegan..

5) I am rather annoyed at the Raw bar though, I do know, this is personal preference, but even though it says blackcurrant, the biggest part of ingredients are plums, which I despise..I just took a bite after trying to make an "inside" picture, and left it aside..not sure, if I will ever finish it...

So, in general even though with shipping it comes up a little bit expensive (10GBP a box plus 5GBP for shipping internationally, UK delivery is free of charge), sometimes life is all about spoiling yourself, and I can't wait for the next month to be able to subscribe for three months or so, just to have an overview what vegan snacks are available and get my hands on the snacks, which probably aren't sold in my country.

You can choose a single mini or normal box, if you want to see if it is for you, you can choose monthly subscription for any of the boxes, or prepaid 3 or 6 month long subscription. Just take a look at their website . Have you ever heard about food subscription boxes? What are your thoughts? Do tell bellow, and have a wonderful Sunday ;).

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