L'occitane foaming cleanser

Hi there!

Can you tell yet what is one of my favorite brands? I am here today to tell you about the foaming cleanser from L'occitane.. Have you ever noticed that you only appreciate a certain thing if you happen to find yourself without it? I have been visiting my parents on holiday, and somehow this cleanser didn't get packed up, I guess, I assumed I would find something else to use over there. Well, I did, but I missed my cleanser terribly, so this is how I decided it deserves a review.

I am sitting here, trying to figure out what it is so special about that cleanser, and if I have to be honest with you, I don't know. Can't you just take my word for it?

Anyway, let's start with the smell. It is very pleasant, not overpowering, and slightly spa-ish.

It foams up very well, and it takes me two to three pumps to clean all of my face. It takes makeup off really well, and even though, I know you are not supposed to,allows me to completely skip using makeup remover. It leaves my skin nice and clean, but it doesn't dehydrate my skin like some products might. The number of spots on my face have also decreased drastically, and with the use of Siera's Bees Calendula cream (review of it coming up soon),this product helped to reduce dry patches on my face.

I can hear you asking, "so where is the catch, since it is sounds too good to be true?" Well, it is the price, it is definitely a "spoil yourself once in a while" type of thing, but if it works, why not splurge, right? The 50ml bottle would cost you 31litas (about 11.61USD) and 150ml one costs 73litas (27,.33USD), but I would say it is well worth it, at least once a year.

As a beauty blogger - can I call myself that yet - it takes a lot for me to repurchase something, seeing that I always want to try new things and explore the market, but I will be another tube of this cleanser. At least until i find a better, or more natural alternative.

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