Sunday specials (Bath and Bodyworks Candle Haul)

Good morning!

Is it just me or is autumn just around the corner? I always wonder, why so many people loathe autumn? I happen to be a weirdo who quite enjoys the season (maybe it is because I was born in September?) just think of coming home, wrapping yourself in a lovely blanket, starring through the window at rain drops falling down the windowsill, flicking through your favorite magazine with a candle flickering by your side, filling the whole room with a lovely scent. I have been obsessed and fascinated by candles ever since I can remember, however, in my teenage and student years I wasn't really allowed to burn any, since my dad claimed it induces his headache. I have adopted "just wait until i grow up" approach towards that, and now, since I live on my own, I have a candle burning on almost all the time - that is if I remember to pick up matches or lighter from the store..

Anyway, I have to admit that I have been slacking a little on my post writing this week (I am on holiday, okay??!!), and seeing that I picked up my candle package on Friday, I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to do a candle haul. As you can probably tell, they were having a sale, and I might have went tiny bit overboard :)

P.s. I would try to describe scents,if I wouldn't be having a killer headache, so please use your own imagination :). Do you like candles? Which scent do you love? Do you have a preferred brand?

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon :)

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