Woman, how many lip balms do you need? (#1)


I am not sure if this is gonna be a weekly or a monthly feature, I guess we will see which, if this catches on. However, in this small section of my blog, I will try to feature my most used and loved lip balms, share some hauls with extremely cute packaging I just couldn't resist, weird scented ones, I just had to have and so on (sneak peak: Unicorn Farts one will be featured soon).

But for now, let me start with one of my holy grail balms, which I must have at least in one of my bags at all times. It is a Lithuanian one, so sorry for my foreign readers that you can't get your hands on it, but if you ask really nicely, I might just figure something out :)

The first time I fell for it, it was truly for it's name. It is called "Maybe some tea?". Being the huge tea addict as I am, I just had to pick it up, and let me tell you I haven't regretted a tiny bit. I can't quite point my finger on what it smells like, but since it has green tea, I guess of it although if someone made me close my eyes and say what it smells like, my initial guess wouldn't be green tea. Taste test among family only revealed, that it smells of a familiar herb, but no-one can tell which one, so can we just say that scent is very pleasant? The smell is quite strong, but not overpowering, since when I took it out at work, I was asked by coworker if I have bought myself some other lotion - maybe that should be a sign I get too many things or play with them too much at work..

Anyway, the balm itself is really moisturizing, and after I have slathered it all over my lips, they stay hydrated for about three hours, but since I like the smell of it so much, I need to fight the urge to reapply it every ten minutes. The consistency of the balm is quite hard, you need to slightly rub your finger to make it melt from the warmth of your fingertip, and then apply on your lips. I see it as a plus, since there can't be anything worse than those gooey sticky messes in a balm pot, which then leave the greasy hole in the pot. Taste wise, it is a little sweet, but not too sweet that you feel "obliged" to lick it off together with moisture. As you probably understood, I love this balm, and it is highly recommended.

Bonus story: while I am visiting my parents, the balm was lying on my table. My mom looked at it, asked what it was, and then said, "why don't I have one like this???". I got slightly taken aback, and while I could figure a response, she blurted "oh true, I don't like lip balms in pots. Moral of the story? Hide "uoga uoga" balms from your relatives :D

Do you have your favorite one? Have you stumbled upon weird ones recently? Do let me know in the comments :)

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