Memebox, Cacao

Chocolate!! Is it just me, or do you guys also are ready to melt every time you hear the word chocolate? I am sometimes kidding that if you want to have me for life, get me coffee, chocolate and raspberries, and I am all yours :)

So, it goes without saying, that as soon as I saw cacao themed box on memebox, I had to snatch it... The box didn't disappoint either..

The most exciting product there, was a cacao chocolate mask, which smells and looks like chocolate, and this is a full size product! I tried it I'm pretty sure the same day, and as with most Asian masks, I saw a result at once :), although it felt weird looking like I slathered Nutella all over my face :)

The least exciting product for me, was Etude House Chocolate Milk body wash. I have tried this product before, and while it is just a body wash, I am not head over heels with the smell and wished it had been something else. However, it will still be used up :),

Then my eyes got pore strips. And not just any, but chocolate pore strips!! Did you even know those exist??? However, I can't say it has a definite chocolate smell; if I try hard enough, I smell an artificial whiff of it :) Excited to see if it works better than common ones.

And then there was a cleansing dessert!! which sounds awesome, smells good and looks very weird :) Again, as with other products, I haven't tried too much of it, but I am very interested in the texture, since I like weird things :)

And lip scrub, a chocolate-y lip scrub, which I didn't open it specifically for taking a neat picture to upload on my blog :)

And again, sheet masks, chocolate one this time!!! Again, I am so tempted to use it, but I was trying to keep my hands away from it until I took pictures. But as soon as this goes up, I am trying it out!

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