Deep steep, Body Scrub

Good morning!

Let me greet you with a rave review this Monday morning. Even though, I have tried only few things from this brand, I would gladly say, this might be one of my favourite natural brands. Usually, natural skincare and body care have a "signature" scent, which might be bothersome for most people. However, this brand never disappoints with their scents, and it has convinced me that I love natural lavender smell after all. But more about their other products some time later, today its all about the scrub.

I was doing an Iherb order, and I was missing something to add in my cart. It just so happened that I stumbled upon Deep Steep and I was so excited they carry it! I had with no doubt purchased Tangerine-Melon scented scrub. And let me tell you, I haven't regretted a tiny bit! Even my co-worker was intrigued by it, and I promised her to get it as soon as it comes back to stock..

Sorry for the long introductions, but I can't help rambling, hence the blog name.. However, going to an actual review, its a sugar based scrub therefore it's gentle on the skin. I realize some people would like it to be more coarse, but scrub for me is mostly for pampering as opposed to exfoliating. Oil in the ingredients leave your skin nicely moisturized, and it melts nicely on the skin, provided it's wet enough. The smell lingers afterwards for a bit, but not too long and it's not overpowering. After I have used it in the shower, I don't feel the need to use any other body moisturizer afterwards. However, I can't say this is long lasting: I have ordered it in the end of June, which probably means I received it in the middle of July, and I have one tiny use left of it.. But I will definitely be repurchasing it, and might be looking into other scents as well..

Oh, and if I need to be really picky, I'm not a fan of packaging as opening this in the shower, with wet hands, is quite a challenge, so I have to remember to open it and leave outside the cabin.

But anyhow, this is highly recommended! What body scrubs did you try? What's your favourite?

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