Sunday Specials ("Salionas" review)

After a while of consideration, and advice from my blogging coach - in the form of the significant other - I have decided to add one more category - Sunday specials. What is so special about Sundays, you might ask? Not much, but that will allow me to create a platform, where I can come and rant and rave, or just tell you what's on my mind without worrying that it falls out of the context. My "normal" posting days would be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and, as mentioned above, Sunday would be a place to discuss topics, which would naturally occur over, let's say slumber parties or Sunday's brunch with your girlfriends. You can expect anything here, from customer service reviews of various brands, to book reviews, to recipes, and maybe even very girlish, TMI type of things.

So let me start with praising one of the Lithuanian hairdressing salon. Which is, actually, called "Sall(i)on" - with the deliberate misspelling. Of course, in Lithuanian it makes much more sense, but it is just one of those things which can't be translated or explained properly.

This photo is borrowed from , I own no rights to it, and it is used only for illustration purposes here.

For those of you who know me, I have bugged you enough about getting my hair coloured vibrant bright red, and have used your shoulder to cry on how it failed. Trust me, I have visited way too many hairdressers over the course of now next to a year and any of those just left me either crying my eyes out or swearing off them completely.

However. I feel like I hit jackpot with Sal(i)on. Now, my hair it is still not the right shade of red, but this is the hairdressers I would gladly come back to. Both times I went there, I went to Vytautas, and I will be coming back. Everything about it is perfect, starting with administrator greeting you, ending with the hairdresser listening to you, trying to accommodate to your wishes, and assuring how to get the result you want without completely damaging your hair and not forgetting tasty tea with a biscuit - just don't dip it in tea :).

Meanwhile, this hairdresser tries to understand what it is exactly you are going for, it was also explained to me, that hair acts differently, so it can take a while to get a desirable effect, and this is understandable, I just wish other hairdressers had the means to do the same.

Besides getting my hair died, I also asked for some trimming, and again, I don't know how it is possible, but I left the salon really happy and I felt like a model. I bet you are wondering about the pricing, it of course depends what your allowance is, but for me it is on average side, and it is something I can spoil myself to every two months or so.

So this is highly recommended, and if you ever need new hairdresser, please check them out, you won't regret!

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