L'occitane surprise box, August 2014

Hello again!

I have heard/read somewhere, and because I totally related with it, I will share with you, "I don't drink, I don't smoke, but I damn, I am a human, I ought to have an addiction!" Yes, that's how I am going to justify my impulsive, unnecessary purchases from now on. And I might blame my significant other once in a while, since he gives me ideas on topics sometimes.

Now, as that it is out of a way, I have to make a confession. I am slightly obsessed with L'occitane; their products look really pretty on the shelf, and most of the products are really good quality. I can't tell you how much willpower it takes not to go inside as I am passing L'occitane store, because if I do, some wallet damage is guaranteed...

Besides my obsession for the brand, I love subscription boxes as well, as you will certainly be able to tell once my blog gets to full speed. Even though, this is not technically a subscription box, it is still a mystery box. I was keeping my wallet tightly shut this month concerning L'occitane purchases, but then they just had to reveal contents of the box on their Facebook page. And I gave in. Typically I would prefer buying the box without knowing the contents, but with L'occitane I feel like their boxes are either a hit or a miss, so I tend to think twice before swiping my card if I do find myself in their store.

As mentioned earlier, Facebook promo picture revealed, that the box is full of Imortelle series goodies, therefore saying that I have ran straight towards the store wouldn't be too much of exaggeration. I already own, love and use the heck out of Imortelle precious foaming cleansing, so getting a toner, a cream and a serum to the collection seemed like a must.

There also was their signature mini bottle of the Jasmin & Bergamott perfume, which I love. I adore the packaging, I like that it is mini size, therefore suited for travels, or throwing in your purse in case of emergency, the smell is divine, and it looks pretty on your shelf. But dear L'occitane team, would you please consider installing a pump there?

And to make sure to totally sweep you out of your feet, L'occitane has included the Grass Body Milk, in Neroli and Orchidee scent. I like the milky consistency of the product, it is not greasy, it sinks in the skin really fast. It does leave my skin a little bit sticky though. I am also sitting on the fence when it comes to the smell. I usually like neroli scented body products, but I can't detect neroli smell in this particular lotion. So for me, this product was a miss in the box and I'm going to see if my Mom wants it.

If that wasn't enough, they have generously thrown in quite a few samples which might be a little bit controversial. On one hand, one can say that it would be more beneficial to get samples of other lines (since I have very few allergies, I would have preferred that), but those who suffer with allergies or sensitive skin has an opportunity to try them out without actually opening the actual product.

Do you use L'occitane products? Do you have your favorite one? Is there anything on your wishlist? Have a wonderfull Friday!

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