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I mentioned addictions on my first post, right? I'm pretty sure I have enough memeboxes, and as I have even more coming, I'm thinking about opening up a new category - Memebox Wednesdays, where I would tell you all about the boxes I've gotten, and discuss products from them. If my addiction continues, I should have plenty material for this page :)

In case you still don't know, let me introduce you to the Korean gem. While subscription boxes aren't new to the beauty market, finding one that ships internationally can be quite difficult. I felt like a kid who got a candy when I found out about Memebox. It is not a traditional subscription box where you get it monthly, but rather you go online, choose the theme which interests you most, and can see which date it ships, buy it and then wait with anticipation.

I have chosen the whole grain box to start with, and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed. Box came with 5full size products, 2 sheet masks and a foot scrub.

First thing I found in the box, was an oatmeal scrub soap. I'm really intrigued by the product, even though I feel weird washing my face with soap, but I will make sure to give it a go. I wished it smelled slightly better though, it simply smells of soap (quite a weird complain, I know).

Then there was a rice bran powder. Its basically a face pack, which you mix with water and apply on your face (duh, obviously). At first sight I thought it was a supplement, it isn't though :) I have heard it is really beneficial for your skin so I'm excited to try it out. However, talking from the experience, I usually get too lazy with mix it yourself powdery products..

Then I saw an eye cream, and my initial thought was, "jeez, this is huge". Not that I mind. Also until I got it, I didn't know the word galactomytes, let alone their benefits to the skin. It has a typical eye cream consistency and I will try to report results, if any :)

Then there was a little toner. I have to admit, this is the one step in my skincare routine, which I am very lazy to use... However, having it at hand might solve this problem :)

And then there was a mask! Mask!! I love masks in general, but I love Korean masks even more. This is a thermal mask with oatmeal, which doesn't have any scent, and feel very nice on the skin, it also left me with a smooth and brighter skin. However, this is a suspect product for breaking me out terribly (that or makeup base), so I am hesitant to use it again...I will, but not right now.

And of course, sheet masks, hand mask and an invigorating foot scrub all waiting for their turn to be tried out - I was holding off until I publish this post :)

I hope you enjoyed my review and will come back for more. Do you have your eyes on any Memeboxes?

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