Iherb haul, #1


As mentioned in my introduction page, sometimes the shopping addict within me escapes, and I have no choice, but just to give in. Also, sometimes my mom leaves me with no choice, by snagging something of mine, and it just has to be my holy grail. Pretty soon I'm gonna have to buy everything in doubles..

As a self-diagnosed shopping addict, it is only fair that I start this blog with a haul from iherb. For those unfamiliar, its an American company, mostly orientated in healthy foods, skincare and supplements. However, not the entire assortment on the site is natural, and if it is really important for you, I would advise reading ingredients list carefully. Anyway, let me introduce you with my order and first impressions. I believe that was my very first serious order from them.

Iherb was running promotions on supplements, and both my health and my immune system has been awful recently, so I decided to take a chance and order a couple of supplements. I ordered chewable vitamin C (30tablets, price 2.95$) , which I am not that impressed with, if I have to be honest with you. The taste is very weird, and has "interesting" after taste.Moreover, I have accidentally left it open, so humidity got into it, and it got really lumpy. I can't really say much for others yet, I guess I will have to wait and see how and if it works. I got one for my dis-functioning stomach (30 caps, 1$), and the other one to hopefully help with my nervous system and increasing stress at work (30caps, 2.95$). I also added daily vitamins to my cart, which I plan to use over fall to hopefully avoid getting colds and UTI's. I will make sure to let you guys know how it is going.

Now for more exciting parts. What I like about iherb, is that they have brands which are not that easily accessible in my country, for a very affordable price. I have had a few trips over the summer, so I was mostly looking for the travel size products. In the picture above you can see what I got, and I will write my brief first impressions.

I was quite impressed with the smells of everything, I have thrown lip balm to my bag the same second I unpacked the package, and I'm pretty impressed. The smell is slightly herbal and I can't really distinguish cinnamon, however, it tingles on your lips slightly and is really moisturizing. My mom has snatched the balm from me, therefore there will be no picture of that...

The lavender mist is very refreshing, I keep it in the office by computer, and every time I spray it, I feel tiny bit more relaxed. I was really impressed by the smell of the hair mask, but seeing that I used it only once, I will keep my opinion for myself yet.

The shampoo and conditioner is in my bathroom, I guess I have used it once or twice, but I don't feel the temptation to reach out for it more often, it is nothing impressive, besides that it left my hair squeaky clean. Andalous Naturals shampoo was totally different, I liked it that one time I used it, and then I had an accident, so it leaked all over my travel makeup bag, so no extensive review there..

Sibu cleansing bar and face cream has a divine smell, and trust me, I'm not lying when saying I have been sitting in my office and casually smelling it once in a while. The consistency of the cream is really impressing and the scent makes you feel as in the spa. I'm really intrigued to see what results it will give on my skin, and you bet, I will be letting you guys know. However, I am an idiot, who can't keep track of her belongings, and my soap bar went missing, therefore it is out of the picture as well.

I thought, that multipurpose wipes would be a good idea and useful for anything, however, I haven't reached for them ever since. I think I will just bring it to work, and keep beside me just in case, but I definitely won't be repurchasing it.

If you stay around long enough, you will see, that I have unbelievable addiction for face masks. So it goes without saying, I had to snatch an opportunity and get sheet masks for super cheap. So far, I only liked Korean sheet masks I have tried, but let's see how it goes.

I guess this is it for now, let me know, if you ever tried anything from iherb and what your favorite product is?

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