The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Control Gel Cream

Good morning!

Hi, I am Milly, and I am a skincare addict. In fact, my collection got so much out of hand, that I literally made an excel sheet to track my inventory. I know, it sounds crazy, but that’s the only way to assure that I don’t get too overwhelmed and drop the blogging thing altogether (thank you to a certain friend for helping me figure this out). Having a list, helps me track what I own, what I use and what I want to review. That’s how The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Control Gel Cream made its way to my bathroom, and damn, am I glad it did.

Let’s start with consistency – it is not a brainer, as the title suggest, it is a very light gel, which gets almost translucent upon contact with the skin, that feels very cooling on your face.

It has very light, but lovely scent, and it smells nothing like seaweed which was my fear. I can’t pinpoint what it smells off, but it is very pleasant to the nose.

It absorbs really quickly, almost immediately, into the skin. I have combination skin, leaning towards dry, and meanwhile it says it is for oily skin, I still love it. You need a tiny drop to cover all your face, and it instantly smooths it out, and makes it so so soft. Almost like a baby bottom, and I can’t keep myself away from touching my face once it is on.

Although the order of the ingredients in this cream could be improved, it still have some really beneficial ones. Key ingredients in this cream, are of course, several types of algae, the main function of which is to hydrate and condition the skin, and this cream does notably plumps your skin. Another nutritious and hydrating ingredient, adding into the effect, is sesame seed oil. Soybean oil has strong anti-oxidant properties, that restores skin damage, and vitamin E found in the oil helps to keep skin smooth and healthy. Then we have zinc gluconate and zinc sulfate, that are common ingredients for acne treatments. It should also prevent scarring and presumably help to heal wounds. Zinc sulfate also acts like SPF. My skin is not acne prone (although I do have one stubborn zit on my chin right now), so I can’t attest to this.

It goes really well under makeup as well, and you could almost use it instead of a primer. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but it kind of mattifies your skin but without taking away healthy glow.

The only con I could think of, is packaging. I am not too fussed, but I can see why a jar packaging would be an issue to some people. It would be perfect if it was in a squeezable tube, or at least they would provide us with a spatula.

Overall, this The Body Shop Seaweed gel cream is madinskincareland approved, and I will be picking up a new pot soon, seeing that I am more than half way through this one, which is impressive, knowing how much skincare I own. Right now it is on offer in Lithuanian Body Shops, at 50% off, so you would be doing yourself a favour by running out and getting one!

Do you have your favourite or least favorite product from The Body Shop? If so, do let me know!

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