Look Fantastic Beauty Box, June 2018

Good morning!

Do you like subscription boxes? I feel like I fall down the rabbit hole of subscription boxes once in blue moon, and then I get frustrated, and choose not to get any more. I am trying to reduce what I spend on skincare and make-up and I feel like boxes like these are a perfect cheat. If you don’t know how it works, under what rock have you been living, can I come join you? Basically each month you get a box delivered to you, with full and deluxe size items, sometimes they are a hit, sometimes it is a total miss, it is a gamble of some sorts. Let me preface this by saying that I only got the box few days ago, so this will be more an unboxing than a review.

This time I will again be applying the Teapot Rating System, and if you haven’t read my previous post, five teapots means – great, can’t wait to try it, or I already tried and loved it, where one teapot is – what is this sh**t, it won’t even go to my enemy.


Once I saw the sneak peek of Elemis cleanser (30ml – worth 5.90EUR), I had to get the box. And, what do you know, although I only used it couple of times, I have fallen in love. It is very hydrating, it makes my skin plump and refreshed, and I am seriously considering getting a full size product.


Second item in the box, Vita Liberata gradual tanning lotion (50ml – worth 11.47EUR) . I am not a tanning person, in fact, I have never used a fake tan in my life, but I gotta say I am intrigued. It is a white lotion, feels very easy to apply, and I will definitely be trying it on my legs.


Third, we have Madara Sos hydrating face mask (12.5ml – worth 17.95EUR), which I am really excited about, since my skin has been freaking out lately, and is very dry, especially around my brows, so I am hoping it will help solve that problem.


Next, probably most interesting item from the whole box, Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing paste (40ml – worth 9.99EUR). I would immediately try it out, but I just died my hair bright red colour, so I am afraid it might wash colour out of my hair. Nonetheless, I will definitely try it out once the colour has faded.


Rituals The Ritual of Dao (worth 7.30EUR)- you can’t miss with a Rituals product in subscription box, every product I have ever tried from the brand was amazing, and this seems to be a case as well. The only reason why it is 4, not 5 stars, is that I wished the scent was different. Not that this one is bad, but I am not in love with it.


Real chemistry day cream. (10ml – worth about 5.84eur) Although I have a day cream I am really enjoying at the moment (look out for a review shortly), I am quite intrigued by this product. Judging by the full size price, it should do miracles, so we will see, although ingredients are not that impressive at all.


Studio 10 eyeshadow – sorry, lookfantastic, but what are you thinking? This is the most patchy liquid eyeshadow I have ever seen, not even worth to be passed on, it will be going straight to a trash bin. I can’t find exact price of the product, but judging by price of other products, it is about 18eur (how???).

Total rating of the box:


Total worth without eyeshadow, since I am not sure how much they cost – 58.45EUR.

Plus, they have Elle magazine in each box, which I really appreciate. The very first thing, after hugging Stumble Puppy when I land in Scotland, is a hunt for English magazines. The box cost me 17.56EUR and I feel like it is very well worth it. I didn’t get second box because I am on the budget right now, and it seem to have raised in price a little bit, but I will consider getting more, or even subscribing for a few month plan down the road.

Do you subscribe to any boxes? Do you have a favourite one? Do let me know!

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