Roger&Gallet Cleansing Mask Review

Good morning!

Since spring sprung upon us very unexpectedly – it was +18C yesterday– while it was still snowing in New York, I have deemed this is very appropriate time to review something very natural and nature inspired. Although someone would claim browsing beauty sites such as,,, etc. is a waste a time, for me it is a way to window shop, since it is mostly where I get my cosmetics from. In such, sometimes mindless, wanderings, I discover hidden gems nobody seems to be talking about. I am not sure under which section this product was, exactly, but I do know, that once I stumbled upon it I knew I had to get it. Roger&Gallet Aura Mirabilis cleansing mask is my new discovery, and you know product is worth it, if when you pack for your upcoming travel, and taking everything, but the cleansing product, in mini sizes. There is this podcast I have discovered recently, called FullCoveragePodcast. They have a tradition to stress their highlights of the week (aka best product they used that week), but this cleansing mask has been a highlight of my month, if not year.

I hear you ask what’s so unique about it? Honestly, everything. First of all, it is a cleanser, but it is also a mask, but it is a cleanser…. I was sold at that. Further more, looking at the ingredients, we can already see how remarkable and rich they are, all botanically based. As someone who is not opposed to aromatherapy and not scared of citrus, I am very impressed. Needless to say, with ingredients like these, this product smells absolutely wonderful. Again, I struggle to describe scents, but while I wash my face I imagine walking through lavender field, sipping lemonade. I have no clue where to even begin describing the texture of this beauty, because, believe it or not, it is one of the most, if not the most, interesting things I have seen. You start off with a balm, massage it on a dry skin, and it swiftly becomes an oil, and once you have it all rubbed in and rinsing, it becomes milky consistency. Magic, I tell you, magic. I like to keep a milky layer on for a minute or so, and then rinse it off with a hot cloth. It gives you instant radiant complexion, it cleanses make up so well, that even when skipping toner, make up remover wipe didn’t catch a single trace of BB cream (yes, I tested) and it provides hydration. In fact, it hydrates so well, that I don’t feel like I need to moisturise afterwards. I am also a huge advocate for double cleansing, but I feel like cleansing off this product with a foaming face wash would be silly, so I usually just follow up with a light serum.

This product totally live up to it is wonderful Aura Mirabilis name, and if I have convinced you to get one, at the moment it is cheapest here. In my humble opinion, 13GBP is not a huge investment and your skin would thank you, trust me.

One more MadinSkincareland approved product!

What was your highlight of the week? Do let me know, if I don’t get feedback, I feel like nobody reads my posts and it might be demotivating at times.

Have a great weekend!

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