Fruu Lipbalms

Good morning!

Between being admitted to the hospital and battling depression, my blog keeps being pushed away and I do apologize.

To quote my friend, you can never have too many lipbalms. So, when I saw that Fruu lipbalms will be exhibiting at the Natural Products London, I got very curious to try them, so I bought a couple and I am not disappointed at all, I have to say.

To be honest, they had me at "cruelty free and vegan", but variety of flavours is a huge plus too, not to mention it is locally made in UK and I’m all about supporting local indie businesses (yes, i know, technically it is not local to me yet). However, with shipping at ~2.50GBP you can easily get your mits on it too.

If I had to describe them in one sentence, I would bravely state, that Fruu lipbalms are natural version of Blistex. It is packed full with plant oils and butters, it provides lasting hydration and feels very comfortable on the lips.

Other than that, the only thing I have a gripe with, is having to peel the label off in order to see the ingredients, but that’s my own pet peeve.

To sum it all up, I wouldn't complain if I had a lifetime supply of Fruu lipbalms in my stash.

Those are most definitelly MadInSkincareLand approved!

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