Toni&Guy Hair Elixir Review

Good morning!

If we could just mutually agree to ignore the fact that I haven’t been posting for centuries, that would be great. I could be searching for excuses, as I always do in my head over and over again, but I am trying to choose not to. Beauty and skincare is a passion in my heart, and I am convinced it will ever be, and if I can get a blog post or two out of it, why not. I am working really hard not to pressure myself as hard as I used to, but it still sometimes gets to me.

Anyhow, as pointed out in my previous Haircare Empties post, I have been obsessed with haircare products ever since I started dyeing my hair bright colours, so the hair product shelf is not something I just pretend doesn’t exist in the drugstore any more. Quite the contrary, I do scan them up and down looking for new releases or in foreign stores.

On our recent trip to Latvia (that would make quite a horror story on it’s own, which I may consider posting on Halloween), I came to stumble upon Toni&Guy Casual Radiating Tropical Elixir, which I have had an eye on for quite a long time. And, it being quite the fraction of the price it costs here – or anywhere, I had to pick it up. In fact, it would have been a sin not to. Had I known I would love it as much as I do, I would have gotten five bottles or so.

Come to think about it, most of the products that end up on my blog are products I love and have nothing bad to say. This one, although, I really really enjoy, I have a bone to pick. Mineral oil, very second on the ingredients’ list. Technically, there is nothing wrong about mineral oil, especially on your hair, and it is more of the personal preference, but I like to avoid it, mostly out of principle and it being used as a cheap filler ingredient in luxury products just grind my gear.

Other than that, the hair oil is more than awesome. Texture is slippery and siliconey – unsurprisingly, since it has several type of silicones in ingredients, but they are what make hair shiny and soft. Toni&Guy hair oil is also rich with natural oils, such as coconut, almond, sunflower and marula, together with perfume, providing product with an amazing scent. Every time I need to describe a scent, I want to bang my head against the desk, because I am so bad at it, and deep down in my heart I know, that “it smells of fairy tales” won’t cut it. So, forgive my illiteracy towards scents, but the best I can describe it, is as a “slight whiff of Arabian perfume, diluted with light vanilla scent, and an easy note of something, that makes you believe that the oil has been standing next to a citrus bowl and absorbed their sourness”. I am convinced that it is combination of the oils and silicones, which makes your hair really bouncy, and, frankly, every time I use the oil I feel like I just left hairdresser’s. Although minor importance to me, others might find it beneficial, that oil is in the pump; therefore no spilling in your palm/finger tips required and it comes with a cap, which not all products with similar purpose do (*cough* Cica Creme *cough*).

So, this is yet another product I have discovered by accident, but I really enjoy it, and would consider buying again even at full price, when done.

Please take this with a grain of salt, I am no expert in this field, and just tried to describe how I smell it.

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