Green Feel Micellar Water

Good morning!

I have a habit of searching for various extraordinary products all over the world, and sometimes forget to look at what is offered in front of my eyes. I am very happy, that there are many high quality Lithuanian brands on the market, and Green Feel is no exception. I have already written about hand cream they made in a collaboration with Lithuanian style icon, and have many more products on the go.

To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of micellar waters, since I tend to choose face washes, but sometimes, especially if all I had on my skin, was BB cream or tinted moisturizer and a mascara, and I can't be bothered with a face wash, I reach for a micellar water. On the contrary, on some rare days, I also like to do a very extensive pamper routine, where I use both micellar water and a toner. So, I have couple bottles of micellar waters in my collection.

As you know, I mostly write reviews if I love the product, because why spread negativity? This is no exception. So, let's look at what makes me so obsessed with it?

As you could have guessed, firstly, the country of origin. You can see, that manufacturers are also proud of this fact, and displays it on front of the packaging, in a little heart shaped Lithuanian flag. A tiny personal touch that really warms my heart.

Secondly, you should know by now, I have a warm spot for natural ingredients, and the product is composed of those. Yes, there is alcohol in there (no, I am not too phased about it), I dare you, try finding something at same price and quality without one. Let me know, if you succeed. It is quite a unique decision to use pumpkin seed extract in a micellar water, but it is supposed to have anti-aging effects as well as firm, tone and smooth the skin, so, I guess, why not? I personally wash my face after using micellar water, if I had makeup on, so maybe it is not too beneficial, but in the morning, I leave it on my skin.

I am probably too used to natural cosmetic scents, I have seen fellow bloggers and cosmetics crazy consumers complain about the scent, but I can't smell anything. Granted, it does not smell as rainbows and sunshine, but its not unpleasant to my nose, by any means.

As for the effect, it does work! It removes your makeup perfectly, it takes maximum three cotton pads, and your face is clean. Essential point for me, is that it doesn't irritate your eyes at the slightest (I am looking at you, Bioderma) - I might be obsessed with skincare, but no way am I going to start stocking up separate bottles of eye makeup remover too. You don't need to rub, few swipes, and you have a nice clean face. The only thing I have noticed, it tightens my skin a tiny bit, and I need to reach for a moisturizer as soon as I done wiping.

We shouldn't forget accessibility, many products I write about, can only be bought online, meanwhile, you can find Green Feel products in any bigger grocery store and it will only set you around 4eur, which, in my opinion, is more than reasonable price for a high quality product.

Do you use micellar waters? Do you have your favorite? Have you tried any Green Feel products? Do let me know.

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