Douglas Aqua Focus Light as Air Face Mask Review

Good morning!

Anyone, who knows me, won't let me lie, I am a sucker for face masks. Sheet masks, clay masks, anything, you name it, masks, and I am all for it. I recently decluttered quite a lot of face masks, either because they were expired, or I haven't seen myself using them up anytime soon. Any rational human being would take that as an opportunity to stop and think about unnecessary waste, but since I am nowhere rational and very impulsive buyer, I took that as a space to add some new cool products to my collection.

It just so happened, that I saw Douglas AquaFocus Light as Air Face mask, while perusing the shelves of the store, and it got me intrigued. I tried to be responsible, and didn't pick it up at first. Then, I went for lunch with myself, and started googling to see whether I can find any reviews on it. To my surprise, I haven't found any. So this was one of the reasons, albeit slightly selfish, which made me to pick it up. Secondly, Cristine from SimplyNailLogical has gotten me obsessed with holographic colors, and the outer box of the product, is, indeed, holo, so I simply had to. Don't judge me.

Well, that's enough rambling and justifying myself, let's get to business. Can we just all appreciate the packaging, which is oh so fancy, it is nearly impossible to photograph. It took me over twenty minutes to get half decent photos, but I promise you, that looks amazing on your vanity or bathroom shelf. The texture of the mask, is very unique, and nearly indescribable. The closest I can get to, is a whipped cream, whipped one more time, but still somehow staying stiff. The scent reminds me off something from my childhood, something it is really hard to put finger on, the best way I can describe it, it is very fresh water with a very light under note of fresh fruit.

When on skin, it feels very comfortable, very light, there are no pulling or tingling sensations. According instructions, you should wipe mask with toner or micellar water, and this was actually really new concept to me, and I never seen it anywhere before. To be honest, it is messy and slimy at first, but totally worth it, since it leaves your skin really hydrated and plump. I wouldn't call this heavy duty artillery, but if your skin is acting up, and you need a fresh pick me up, that is a perfect product to use. I will be taking it with me on my trip to Italy, as we all know, how bad airplane environment is for our skins. This mask would also be perfect for that special occasion if you want your makeup be flawless, since it evens out your skin, and hydrates any dry patches, so foundation lies perfectly on it. As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed this face mask, and I highly recommend it, if you are in the search for hydrating face mask.

I want to interact with my readers, so please do let me know, what are your favorite face masks, what do you tend to go for, and what are your ultimate pick me ups?

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