What I use on my skin: day and night!

Good morning!

I was planning to call this blogpost skincare routine, but then I realized, I don't have a routine. As a beauty blogger, I have a bad habit of buying things which seem interesting to me, or something I really want to review, and then I use them in rotation, some I use religiously, others just because I wanna try out, or if I love the scent and have gotten so accustomised to it, I can't live without. However, my mom pointed out the other day, that my face is really smooth and soft, so I suppose I am doing at least something right.

I seem to have gotten my routine down a little bit right now, although I am still not hundred percent happy with it, because I need a foaming cleanser, dammit. Sometimes I use different products day and night just because I want to try them out and am sort of multitasking that way. I also realize that to some people this might seem extensive, but that's what works for me and, admitedly, I get lazy sometimes and skip it altogether.

At the moment I am finding really difficult to get up in the mornings, therefore I am choosing Noni Care face wash, since it smells of grapefruits and immediately refreshes my skin. If I am not in a hurry (which is not that often), I wipe my face with Rasa's Anti Acne tonic to refresh my skin and prevent from breakouts. Then I follow up with Doris Wagner Hydro emulsion, because I am addicted to that stuff, and would like life long supply, and then follow up with Noni Care face cream, who doesn't like tropical scent in the mornings?

In the evenings, my skincare „routine“ depends on whether I have been wearing makeup or not that day, which recently is the latter, because that extra half an hour in bed had become vital to me. If, somehow, I managed to get out of bed in time to apply makeup, I would take it off with micellar water: it is either Rasa's Dermo Micellar water, simply because I love the scent: for me it smells slightly minty, and is very refreshing, plus it works great, or Green Feel one, because pumpkins are supposed to be good for your skin. Then I would follow up with Sukin Foaming Face Cleanser, because I found out it leaves my skin sqeaky clean without drying it out, but since it is all natural, I don't feel it suds up as much as I would like. Then again I usually follow up with Doris Wagner emulsion, although I am slightly paranoid for it to run out. At night time, I am more adventurous with my moisturisers, sometimes I use Bioderma, but to be honest, only because I want to use it up, not because I enjoy them too much. I have a tiny teeeeny pot of Doris Wagner night cream, but that is reserved for special occasions, because, again, I don't want it to run out, and I already can see the bottom of the pot. Most often than not, though, I stick with Rasa's Anti Acne face gel-cream. If you are a loyal reader, you would probably know, that you can bribe me with raspberries, so the scent of this cream is divine and leaves me in good mood. Plus, I keep breaking out recently for no appearent reason, so hopefully it will help, since it is formulated for acne prone skin.

Besides that, I spoil my skin with face masks, scrubs and the likes, but that would be left for another post. I am still in search for a face serum and a good face mask, do you have any suggestions? If so, please do leave your suggestions below, I would love to communicate with my readers. What do you use for your skincare routines? Do let me know!

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