Mind blown: Doris Wagner Hydro Emulsion review

Good afternoon!

I have to admit to you, that I am slightly strange. While blogging about new products on the market would definitely bring me more readers, I quite prefer writing about undiscovered brands which I find interesting. I think that's exactly why I love going to various expos to establish contacts, because new, undiscovered brands are definitely my forte. And, most of the time, I find loads of wonderful products that way.

Doris Wagner was a brand I found in Cosmoprof Bologna last year, and when I finally got their products to try out, I was beyond impressed. I started out trying their Pore Refining Hydro Emulsion. „I do not understand this magic.. I do not understand this magic.. How is this possible?“ - these were the words my closest friends have heard every single evening while I was trying the product out. Silicones, I thought to myself, at the very first application. Then I checked the ingredients list. And checked them again. And one more time just to be sure. Nope, none. Maybe I don't know something? I sat and googled every single ingredient on the list, not only on wiki, but also on ewg.org as well as kosmetikosdnr.lt to find some kind of very toxic ingredient, which would explain this magic. Still nothing.

Naturally, the question whether or not I am seeing things arised. I sent my friends selfies with my naked skin. „Do you see, what I see?“-they have been asked over and over again. Most of them appreciated how nice and smooth my skin was looking, and confirmed that am not making this up.

As you probably understood, I am very impressed with the product. Besides a very sophisticated, yet playfull packaging, this product is a miracle I haven't tried in quite a while. From the very first sight, this is your ordinary product, with consistency thicker than a serum, but thinner than a face cream. It has light scent, but its in no way overpowering, in fact, its barely noticable. As soon as the emulsion touches your skin, magic happens instantly. Your skin smooths out, and imperfections straightens out just in front of your face. Skin becomes very soft to touch, nearly blured, and very very even. I could swear that it also softens your blackheads, so if you are addicted to picking at them, they come out very easily (yes, I know, I shouldn't do that). Moreover, after using the product, makeup applies like a dream, no primer needed, which I am glad with, because it means my skin will stay healthier for longer. It doesn't happen often with the products, but every time I press pump on the emulsion, I get terrified that it will run out soon. This is definitely a product I will be incorporating in my skincare routine, for, probably, ever.

To be honest, I have been bad recently, and kind of neglected my skincare routine. Ever since receiving PR samples from Doris Wagner, I can't wait to wash my face every morning and evening, since seeing the result is very rewarding. And like that wouldn't be enough, they totally know what good PR and customer service is. I have emailed them with couple nitty gritty questions about their cruelty free stance, and they were very prompt and straight forward about it, so for me it is enough to say they definitely are.

Have you ever heard of this brand? Do you have any favorite unknown brands? Please do let me know in the comments below!

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