Ikona hand cream review

Good morning!

As always, I have a confession to make, well, actually, a couple. To start with, I live in the search of new, undiscovered, maybe even unheard of brands all the time – thank you, Instagram, and the beauty expos, and sometimes I overlook things that are right in front of my eyes, like Lithuanian companies. One of such examples are Green Feel products (I absolutely love their micellar water). I have started using them more recently, and I do realize, that some of them are just as good as fancy foreign brands.

Second thing, I have to confess, that although I am a skincare freak, my poor handies usually get neglected. Which is weird, since I do buy handcreams ocasionally, but I just never bring myself to use it. It doesn't really make much sense, because otherwise my hands are very well looked after, I get my nails professionally done once every few weeks, and since I don't go for the simple designs, people do pay attention to my hands. To be honest, I am not quite sure if I ever did use a full sized tub of handcream to the tee, most of them just end up in mom's cabinet. And since we are on confessions, I sometimes (well, maybe often) get sucked into the commercials and buy a product I don't need, but want. So, this was the very case, and I do not know, if the name of the product, associaton or the color was deciding factor for me to pick it up, but, judging from the bare two items left in stock, I wasn't the only one falling for it.

But why wouldn't you, packaging is slightly pink, has nice golden details and proclaims to have special passion fruit aroma. Even if it wasn't associated with one of the most famous people in Lithuania, that would be enough for me to pick it up. As for the product itself, it does have quite an ordinary smell, it is very light, not overpowering, but still luxurious, it definitely has sweet notes, but it is not sickeningly sweet. Moreover, the scent, although noticeable, won't kick your coworkers out of their chairs, rather just spread a light aroma.The texture of the cream is very light, and it sinks into the skin nearly instantly, so if you have an office job, where you need to work with the papers or the keyboard right away, it is not an issue and you won't smear the grease all over the place.

I don't know, if its my convictions, or if it is stuff I am making up, but it seems that my hands gets smoother, silkier and softer just when the cream touches my hands. I dont know if it's pleasant aroma, motivating phrase on the back, or the effect it has on my skin, but I seem to be reaching for this hand cream fairly often recently and it has been taking a special place on my work desk. I did like it a lot and it will become a staple in my handbag, and, to be honest, while writing this review, I am contemplating whether I should pick up few backups, seeing that it is limited edition product.

Do you have your favorite handcream? How often do you use one? Do you have it in your bag all the time? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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