Rant: Lush is not natural and they never said they were!

Good morning! I am angry and frustrated at lots of things at the moment, such as: things going on around the world, my health and well being, as well as some discoveries I have made about my past. I am boiling inside, and I need to express my anger. I could, as always, keep it inside, and let it eat me slowly, but I have an outlet for it, which, to be honest, is also one of the things making me angry, so this is going to be a rant post. If you don't like rants, feel free to scroll past, and come in couple of days for a review.

Now, that I have that out of the way, can I just complain? And no, it is not jealousy talking – well, maybe just a bit, who wouldn't want a box full of Lush goodies -, but it really irks me, when big youtubers (I wont name and shame, although I am really tempted), gets Lush products sent as PR packages, when its clear they don't know much about the company. I mean, come on, how do you not know about The Kitchen and what the body conditioner is? Ask me, and I will gladly tell you. Lush Scotland, will you mind hiring me, please?

Anyway, this post is not about me not being on Lush's press list. I have a personal interest in indie skincare companies, and with that comes the general knowledge of the ingredients, and since most indie, or smaller companies are natural, I am in quite a few communities discussing the contents of your pretty bottles. There seems to be this misconception, that Lush are claiming to be a natural brand, and people are quick to point their fingers at it and call them liars, and a green washing brand, but, guess what, they never claimed to be natural! Yes, they have quite a few products, that are totally natural in their range, and now with the self-preserving additions, even more than ever, so there is that. But it is as simple as to read the labels, which Lush never hides, and you would see parabens and the like. However, the good ingredients always goes first, and all it takes, is minimal knowledge. Also, Lush policy is to be transparent with their customers, so, for gods sake, just ask. Bottom line, no they don't lie, you are just living an ignorant life. Ignorance is a bliss, huh? And yes, it makes me angry to see them called green washing company, because they never ever green washed anyone. And of course, I can't think of any brands right now, who DO green wash, but I am sure they exist, and I have seen couple of „white lies“ in the magazines and the likes.

I don't even know, where the assumption came from, but if you looke close enough, it clearly states all over the store, on the packaging and shopping bags „100% fresh handmade“, which, guess what, they are. If you don't believe me, watch many factory tour videos on youtube (someone make a miracle happen and teleport me there, please?). Lush do put many of the fresh ingredients in their products, such as bananas and coconuts in the shampoos (thats nuts, I know), all you need to try out, is Jersey Bounce or Big shampoo, and you will literally be washing your hair with fruits. It is also fresh, I have had some cleansers and face masks expire on me (btw, fresh masks are 100% natural) in the matter of couple weeks or a month or two. Lush also is a fair trade company, which goes a long way sourcing their ingredients, and buys only the best quality ones without comprimising, even if it means making all the fans angry for a product being delayed in The Kitchen.

Why does it matter, you may ask? Well, this company is very close to my heart, I support their values and everything they do, and I do take it tiny bit personally when I see them being called out for being greenwashers. Yes, educating people is very important, and we have every and each right to know what we are putting on our skins, but call people liars when they never did lie, is too much in my opinion. I am sorry this was not the optimistic me post, but I needed to get that out of my chest, and I feel much better now.

Did you assume Lush was natural? Did you think they were green washing? Do you know any other brands, who do greenwash? Please let me know in the comments below, feedback is very important to me.

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