Who am I?

Defining oneself is pretty tricky business, so let me just tell you who I am. Well, maybe, how I am. Chances are, that I am anxious. Why, you ask? Because as luck would have it, I suffer from a few mental health issues. Coping is hard, and most of the time I spend buried myself under the blanket waiting for it to pass. Sometimes, I use my blog as an outlet to cope, since skincare and beauty products is my biggest passion. And don't take word passion too lightly, I am one of those freaks who would go to Thailand for an expo (how i wish). For now, I have to limit myself to local ones, or in the neighborhood, or something a bit crazier, as Cosmoprof Bologna. I have a lovely boyfriend over in Scotland, so I spend quite a lot of time traveling, and love making any excuse for that little weekend getaway or a longer holiday any chance I get.

We found Nessie! - Photo taken by a lovely Stumble Puppy

"We found Nessie!" Photo taken by a lovely Stumble Puppy

Long story short, I'm a girl who is very passionate anything cosmetics, and can't help but make some wallet damage every time she just happens to stumble upon a cosmetics store. I also strongly believe in "better nothing than halfhearted", so you might not find daily posts on my blog.

Besides being passionate towards cosmetics and travels, I care for animals, I am vegetarian ( but I do love a good meal out), and therefore I tend to lean towards cruelty free, more natural skincare. I have been educating myself on toxic ingredients and I understand, that what you put on your skin is very important for you, and I try to make a constant effort to smoothly transition to natural skincare as much as possible , or at least choose ingredients which are less harmful both for you and the environment. I find, that there are some good and effective products among Indie brands, sometimes with very impressive ingredients, so I would like to pay a lot of attention to those.

In my search for better products for one's skin, I have been introduced to such websites as Iherb, Violey, Holland & Barret. I can't promise this blog will be all about the natural skincare, but I'm going to try my best to introduce you to the best of the best and try to explore the market together. It seems, like I have already earned the reputation of the one who has a talent to find weird, interesting, and cool products on the market, so I would love to live up to that claim!

More often than not, a shopping addict in me would escape, so besides general product reviews, you can expect to see hauls, subscriptions boxes and maybe even beauty related book reviews here. I hope this could be a place for all of us to gather, share knowledge, discuss and interact with each other. I have recently added a tab lifestyle, where I will write about places we visit, things we got up to, places we stayed at, and food we ate.

Disclaimer: we are all humans, and even though I am going to try my best to stay focused on my primary aim of this blog - natural and indie beauty product reviews, sometimes I will fall under the commercials, YouTube gurus recommendations and buy a mass market product, which is raved about all over the webs. And if it is really good, I might share my opinion with you all, because I don't wanna pretend I am this perfect girl, who only does everything perfectly, so please don't judge me on my slip ups :)

Also, if you have any questions, if there is a product you would like me to check out,if you have any recommendations you think I need in my life, please don't hesitate to let me know about. If you find an interesting product, and would like to see it reviewed, please do ask in the comment section, and I will make my best to fulfill any of your wishes :). And check my Instagram, where I post almost daily, because it is easier than a well thought out blog post!

If you are an indie cat [editors note: nope, not cat, brand], and would like me to review your brand, feel free to contact me on milly@madinskincareland.com