The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Control Gel Cream

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Hi, I am Milly, and I am a skincare addict. In fact, my collection got so much out of hand, that I literally made an excel sheet to track my inventory. I know, it sounds crazy, but that’s the only way to assure that I don’t get too overwhelmed and drop the blogging thing altogether (thank you to a certain friend for helping me figure this out). Having a list, helps me track what I own, what I use and what I want to review... [Read More]

Look Fantastic Beauty Box, June 2018

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Do you like subscription boxes? I feel like I fall down the rabbit hole of subscription boxes once in blue moon, and then I get frustrated, and choose not to get any more. I am trying to reduce what I spend on skincare and make-up and I feel like boxes like these are a perfect cheat. If you don’t know how it works, under what rock have you been living, can I come join you? Basically each month you get a box delivered to you, with full and deluxe size items, sometimes they are a hit, sometimes it is a total miss, it is a gamble of some sorts. Let me preface this by saying that I only got the box few days ago, so this will be more an unboxing than a review... [Read More]

Spring Empties

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Long time no see, huh? I won’t go into details where I have been, but will just jump straight into a blog post. Empties are one of my favourite videos to watch, and sometimes, fall asleep to. We, as bloggers, are obsessed about new products, innovative brands, interesting products, and sometimes your initial like for a product doesn’t last, or vice versa, so empties are very good way to express your opinion on the product, since you went through whole bottle... [Read More]

Kiehls Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask Review

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Ever since Lush has closed in my country, I am forced to branch out to other companies in order to find my new holy grails, something, that I can incorporate in my skincare routine. Talking of which, would you like to read about my new skincare turnaround, since I am testing a bunch of new products? ... [Read More]

Roger&Gallet Cleansing Mask Review

Good morning!

Since spring sprung upon us very unexpectedly – it was +18C yesterday– while it was still snowing in New York, I have deemed this is very appropriate time to review something very natural and nature inspired. Although someone would claim browsing beauty sites such as,,, etc. is a waste a time, for me it is a way to window shop, since it is mostly where I get my cosmetics from... [Read More]

Fruu Lipbalms

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Between being admitted to the hospital and battling depression, my blog keeps being pushed away and I do apologize.

To quote my friend, you can never have too many lipbalms. So, when I saw that Fruu lipbalms will be exhibiting at the Natural Products London, I got very curious to try them, so I bought a couple and I am not disappointed at all, I have to say... [Read More]

Toni&Guy Hair Elixir Review

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As pointed out in my previous Haircare Empties post, I have been obsessed with haircare products ever since I started dyeing my hair bright colours, so the hair product shelf is not something I just pretend doesn’t exist in the drugstore any more. Quite the contrary, I do scan them up and down looking for new releases or in foreign stores.... [Read More]

Haircare Empties

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I used to think, that shampoo is shampoo, is shampoo, as long as it washes your hair, right? Well, I have proven myself wrong. Maybe this is the case if you have untreated, natural hair, but as soon as I started to dye my hair bright colors, I have started noticing the difference... [Read More]

Lush Dream Cream: can it make your dreams come true?

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Just from my previous posts, like this one, or that one, or that, the guide how to order from Lush Kitchen, and the stash under my table *purposely looks away*, there is no doubt I am a passionate Lush fan... [Read More]

Green Feel Micellar Water

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I have a habit of searching for various extraordinary products all over the world, and sometimes forget to look at what is offered in front of my eyes. I am very happy, that there are many high quality Lithuanian brands on the market, and Green Feel is no exception. I have already written about hand cream they made in a collaboration with Lithuanian style icon, and have many more products on the go... [Read More]

Everybody poops...

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You know, how much I love long reviews, and sharing unnecessary information about everything and anything, so if you want a summary of this blog post, here it is. “When I heard about this, I thought it was sh**. Nope, I was very wrong. Buy it and go sh** with it. Your life will be different from now on”... [Read More]

Douglas Aqua Focus Light as Air Face Mask Review

Good morning!

Anyone, who knows me, won't let me lie, I am a sucker for face masks. Sheet masks, clay masks, anything, you name it, masks, and I am all for it. I recently decluttered quite a lot of face masks, either because they were expired, or I haven't seen myself using them up anytime soon... [Read More]

What I use on my skin: day and night!

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I was planning to call this blogpost skincare routine, but then I realized, I don't have a routine. As a beauty blogger, I have a bad habit of buying things which seem interesting to me, or something I really want to review, and then I use them in rotation, some I use religiously, others just because I wanna try out, or if I love the scent and have gotten so accustomised to it, I can't live without... [Read More]

Mind blown: Doris Wagner Hydro Emulsion review

Good afternoon!

I have to admit to you, that I am slightly strange. While blogging about new products on the market would definitely bring me more readers, I quite prefer writing about undiscovered brands which I find interesting... [Read More]

I have a personalized YSL lipstick!

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I would want to rephrase this quote as to „it's never too late“. I have promised to myself to blog every second day, but I am failing due to various reasons. However, I am trying my best, and I suppose, that counts... [Read More]

Ikona hand cream review

Good morning!

As always, I have a confession to make, well, actually, a couple. To start with, I live in the search of new, undiscovered, maybe even unheard of brands all the time – thank you, Instagram, and the beauty expos, and sometimes I overlook things that are right in front of my eyes, like Lithuanian companies... [Read More]

Rant: Lush is not natural and they never said they were!

Good morning! I am angry and frustrated at lots of things at the moment, such as: things going on around the world, my health and well being, as well as some discoveries I have made about my past. I am boiling inside, and I need to express my anger... [Read More]

"Every Adventure Requires a First Step“

Chesire Cat in the hands of C.S. Lewis

Good morning!

Hope you all have had cozy holidays and enjoyed the festive season. Happy 2017, I wish you loads of adventures, motivating challenges, reaching milestones, and for once to tick off everything from your resolution list at the end of the year. Or don't, New Year's resolutions should be more like a guidance, than fixed goals... [Read More]

What Skin Needs: Skin Balm*

Hello guys!

Going to various beauty expos and networking with many different people from all over the world opens up to many opportunities, you get to introduce your blog, hear all about their brands, and have a live consultation if you have any skin problems... [Read More]

Inhair shop: virtual tour (and a confession)

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Let me just establish this once and forever, I might dream to one day become a famous blogger, but it will never happen. And you know, why? Because I am the worst blogger on earth. Seriously, when they finally host that award ceremony I will be first to go the carpet of shame... [Read More]

Lush Five O'clock whistle shaving cream review

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It has been a while since I written about Lush, wasn't it? Let's pretend it was. As always, I have a confession, and can you guess from the title what it is? I hate shaving, and while it is easy to not to do in winter, it gets much harder in summer, and especially if you are like me, and love dresses, you are left with no choice, but just do it... [Read More]

GK Natural Creations: Rejuvenating Facial Oil


Not only is my blog itself is making fun of me showing me how to use it, but words are also escaping my mind. I keep constantly asking myself: words, what are they and how do I use them and that's totally not the best question to be asking yourself when trying to compose a blogpost, so if I am a bit incoherent, please forgive me... [Read More]

Kiehls has come to Lithuania!

Hello, my dear readers!

I am sorry this post is coming up later than it should have, but I have had a very traumatizing experience which I can't share publicly and then there was no electricity in my flat... [Read More]

My Current Pamper Routine

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I have a confession to make, I have no idea how people manage to own one piece of each skincare item and be happy with it. While I do get the idea of minimalism and I am trying to clear out my home using KonMari method (though we will talk about it some other time), when it comes to clothes and skincare, I have no idea how I will manage... [Read More]

GK Natural Creations: Lavender Scrub*


Believe it or not, even when I am on my downiest moments, I prioritize expos highly and I prepare for them explicitly. For most of the part, at least. We won't mention how I failed to realize how huge Cosmoprof was, and only do one third of it, but we will talk about it some other time. I do go through participants lists carefully and try to contact companies I would like to work with, and some of them happily agree... [Read More]

Lush Kitchen: What it is and what can you eat it with?


I would like to get two things out of the way, yes, I realize this is the nth blog post in a row about Lush, but I love Lush, I am addicted to it, and that's what I find easiest to blog about, especially when my health is not completely back to normal yet. Secondly, this title sounds terrible as it is translated directly from my language, but I don't know the equivalent, so this will have to do... [Read More]

My happy place: a.k.a Lush guide for beginners

Good morning!

You probably figured, that I am sick yet again, and it has been quite a few extremely difficult days to manage ever since I got back from Italy. I seem to be unable to even take care of myself (I freaking fainted on the way to the bathroom last night!)... [Read More]

Lush yet again: Dream wash smoothie review


Can we take a moment and praise technologies? If not them (or my new tablet in this case), my blog would be dead and, approaching Cosmoprof Bologna 2016, this is a very bad sign... [Read More]

Lush obsession continues: Ro's Argan Conditioner


Day three of blogging everyday and once again I fail. Firstly, it was due to extreme migraine like headaches, then simply because due to doctors visits and work I am out and about for 12hours, and not only that I don't want to, I physically can't blog anymore. So, what is left? To smile, shrug and start again... [Read More]

Scentered: Stress Less Therapy Balm*

Hello Hello!

I have set myself a challenge to post at least once a day, despite how hard it might be, balancing between work and my personal life. Recently I am like a ticking bomb and don't you dare going closer to me than 10meters or I might explode. Someone treat me to LUSH, pretty please??? ... [Read More]

Rossi skincare: Cleansing Rice Bran Oil review*


Do you feel spring coming? I do! My winter clothes are almost stored away, my mind is inventoring my wardrobe and packing for Italy: did I tell you I am going to Cosmoprof Bologna this year? I am so excited! ... [Read More]

Brazened Honey: Fresh mask review


My Lush addiction is progressing to an extreme, and even though I have had slightly disappointing visits recently, I can't help it. I am trying to save up for upcoming trip, so it is going to take all will power not to go back and pick up more products this month, but the more of their things I use, the more I realize how much they are needed in my life... [Read More]

Lush Vanilarly Solid Perfume review


You know, I held a meeting with myself and decided to claim this week Lush week and blog exclusively about them for seven days! Why? Because I want to and because my hands seem to reach out for solely their products in and after the shower... [Read More]

Lush: Jersey Bounce shampoo review

Reader warning: you are advised to read this under your own risk, since this post might be spreading a dangerous, contagious virus which leads to be addicted to Lush for life and author of this blogpost wont be held responsible... [Read More]

Rambling Beauty Shops: Lush Edition

Well hello there!

I am pretty sure you didn't expect to see me here anymore, and here am I, still alive. I have never neglected my blog in my head, but with depression and anxiety flare ups, I had enough trouble to take care of myself, let alone sit down to type up the blog post and make it sound natural... [Read More]

Makeup2go makeup school, lesson 1

Did I ever tell you that my biggest dream is to make a living out of blogging? If not, I am telling you now. I know it sounds crazy, but it is actually possible, and I really hope I will be lucky enough for that to become true one day... [Read More]

Riga, #1: how it almost didn't happen, hotel and a panic attack

Well hello hello there!

I'm a terrible planner and even if I plan everything down to the smallest details something will definitely go wrong. So I gave up planning long ago. As per recent experience, this might not be the best idea. Although I didn't plan, things still went wrong... [Read More]

Vegan Skincare Starter Guide


I am giving away my hurting head, anyone up for grabs? I really wish I would be able to concentrate and type away with a killer headache, but usually the sound of the keyboard is just driving it mad, and makes matters worse... [Read More]

I don't know what to call this.. "Inside the blogger's mind"?

Hi guys,

Hope you are having a nice weekend. I personally feel a little bit down emotionally and that's why it was hard to concentrate on writing the reviews. Don't get me wrong, I love love love reviewing products, but today I want this post to be a bit different, so I will just imagine we are all in a pillow fort with our jamies and face masks on, anyone minds?... [Read More]

Lush The Comforter shower gel


Did I ever tell you I am a big Lush fan? I support them and like them not only for their products, but as well as the morals they stand by. They are one of the few companies, who does know what vegan means, and don't hesitate to mark their products clearly... [Read More]

Skin saviors: VIVI pine lotion


You already know, that I am a loyal fan of a Lithuanian beauty brand, Vivi. I have been writing a lot of reviews on them previously and I still need to find their product I don't like... [Read More]

Kitch in the kitchen: natural air freshener


It's candle season! I love autumn. I am not sure, if it is the fact, that I was born in autumn and almost every year during my birthday it has been raining, or the fact, that rain gives you a perfect excuse to stay in with a blanket, a mug of warm tea or coffee and a book, or all the colors, which comes into live in the fall, or all of it combined, but I thoroughly enjoy it... [Read More]

Sunday Specials: Vitamin Well Waters

Hello guys!

Sorry for disappearing once again, but more on that some other day. I have to admit, sometimes I take ages to type up the post, and not necessarily because the product is bad. It is usually affected by outside world, force major so to speak, such as family, work, health, etc. Even emergency room visits. I have been there twice in the past month... [Read More]

Uoga uoga: braškė išsitaškė review

Ahhhh... The struggle of knowing of so many languages (not bragging) and having no idea, how to translate this humorous Lithuanian name of the product to English. My dear Lithuanian readers, do you mind helping? Strawberry exploded sounds so wrong and doesn't rhyme at all, but it is the closest word to word translation I can think of right now... [Read More]

The last.. who am I kidding.. Iherb haul!


I am so sorry for disappearing, but it must be pre-birthday blues getting to me, and I can't get over myself to pull things together and write blog posts, I hope you don't mind too much. Or is there someone who can kick my ass? ... [Read More]

Lush Ocean Salt Self-preserving scrub review


If you are as beauty obsessed as I am and have access to youtube, I am sure you have been hearing about this scrub right and left all the time. Usually I am not the fan of over hyped, mass products (what a hypocrite hipster), but sometimes I give in to the craze... [Read More]

Zepter cosmetics: Blogger evening

Hello guys!

I am so sorry for abandoning this blog for so long once again, but I have a golden rule not to blog unless I feel fine. As you can probably tell, I wasn't, and I didn't want to transfer all my bad emotions on the screen, since then posts would feel rushed and forced, and that is totally not what my page is about... [Read More]

Douglas makeup collection presentation

Hello guys!

I am so sorry for abandoning you for so long, but I have a valid excuse, I have had my best friend visiting from America, so I was trying to live life, or even be with her, and watch youtube videos in real life as opposed to sending each other links and commenting it afterwards... [Read More]

Sunday Specials: Holy Grail status - Steam Eye masks


I have found a treasure. As many of you know, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Even though usually it worsens during the day, sometimes it happens in the evenings too, or even if I am having a day off and can't cope with the stress my silly body decides to create for me... [Read More]

Iherb haul (the last one before the last)


I don't know if you ever noticed, but iherb is this black hole which sucks you into it and before you know it, has you typing your credit card information. In principle, i only needed Biotin, since I got tired of my breaking nails, flaky skin and red hair all over the carpet, so hopefully that will help to solve the problem. But could it have ended there? Who are we kidding? ... [Read More]

Green'as shampoo and conditioner review*

Hello guys!

I am trying to steer away from cleansers and masks reviews, I am not sure if you noticed, so I am taking another road, and reviewing shampoos and conditioners this time... [Read More]

Love Lulu, Beauty Box Unboxing, August 2015


As it has been established before, I am in love with beauty boxes, so it is no wonder I am here reviewing yet another one on my blog. I have a bit mixed feelings about it, I like it, but it doesn't make me squeak with excitement. Why, - you might ask? I am not sure, I feel like brands and products are a bit repetitive, and I definitely don't need anymore lip balms, but I am interested to give this one a try... [Read More]

Aubrey organics Aha Face Mask review*

Hello there!

Sometimes, just sometimes you can have the most wonderful product of the bunch, stare at it, and for the love of God, can't write a review of it, even though you use it regularly and more than half of the package is gone. By no means, it is a bad product, quite the contrary, it is great, but you simply can't get words layed out properly to do a review... [Read More]

Vivi Mini Haul, #1

Hello guys!

I am sorry there was no post yesterday, but the heat is affecting both my well being and my blog. Sometimes I feel stuck at one point, and can't get enough motivation to type up a blog post. However, posting everyday really helps to keep a loyal reader base, so I will try to get better on that topic. I will go on beauty ban starting first of September, but until then, I have another haul... [Read More]

Sunday specials on a Wednesday :) - Zepter Eye Cream review


Are there many of you out there who protests my Sunday Specials being on a Wednesday, and then ? It is just that this post have been on my to do list for a while, but I never got around to doing so, and I am quite on a deadline, since I have a visit to Zepter office planned this afternoon to get my skin scanned and analyzed and see what I have too much and what not enough of :) It is kind of exciting and I obviously will report you how it went... [Read More]

Mini Sunday Specials: Flormar nail polish in N006

Hello Hello!

I don't know about you, but this heat (30plus celsius) is driving me crazy and melting my brain. I have slept exactly for an hour this night, and that was it. It resulted in me clearing out my bookshelf, organizing my magazines, preparing space for my Alex drawers (yes, I have become that kind of a blogger) and apparently painting my nails at five a.m, since my previous varnish has chipped and peeled off horribly... [Read More]

Lush Autumn Wishlist and a mini haul

Hello guys!

This going to be a slightly different post, and I am sure I said at some point I won't ever publish what new collections are coming out, because I feel it lacks content, but damn, Lush has broken all of my principles, so please forgive my alienation, but once I got a Press Release, I realized, damn it, I want it all... [Read More]

Lush Toothy Tabs


here is news flash -I am weird. And I say it with pride. Being weird automatically means that I am attracted to different, maybe unconventional things. It was really just the question of time, when I will bite the bullet and try Lush's toothy tabs. The day has come... [Read More]

Moa Cleansing balm: gleaming review*

Hello hello!

Here is my new post and it is about cleanser yet again. Who is surprised? I have stumbled upon this Moa (Magical Organic Apothecary) cleanser somewhere on the wide inter-webs, and decided, that I need it in my life. Representatives of the brand have kindly agreed to send me a jar to try out and it has been a pleasure! ... [Read More]

Love Lula Beauty Box, July 2015


Did I tell you I am addicted to subscription boxes? If I ever see an offer, I can't pass it up, but I am feeling like I am being a good girl, since right now I am only subscribed to LoveLula beauty box and Degustabox, so it is not too bad... [Read More]

Organic Therapy: Body milk review

Hello guys!

So it has come to me being a posh blogger, who can't blog from the home environment and spends most of the time in Starbucks with their laptop and headphones (sarcasm, of course)... [Read More]

I am aware I need to go on a beauty ban. Elevita haul

Hello guys!

You might think that blogger life is all fancy with events to visit and free stuff to review, and meanwhile there is a lot of to enjoy, it is a curse as well. You are forever doomed to be updated on the new releases, try out new products and give feedback... [Read More]

What's in my mailbox, #2

Good morning!

Since my last what's in my mailbox feature was greeted with support, I have decided to do this a constant thing, and publish things I get once in a while. Not only will it help me plan upcoming reviews, it will also let you sneak a peak as what is to come... [Read More]

Biokosmetikos akademija: intensive AHA cleanser

Hello guys!

Am I the only one, who owns about 10different cleansers and periodically use them all or simply pile few different ones once in a while? Are you tired seeing cleanser reviews all the time? If so, let me know and I will try to stay away :) ... [Read More]

Iherb haul, #3 & #4 & #5 and first impressions

Hello, my name is Milly and I am a shopaholic.

No, it is not enough to only get products to test out, I must buy things once in a while. Especially, if they are on discount. If I am out of shampoo, I can't stop at two bottles, I just need those five. Don't judge. Yes, I will go on beauty ban. Starting next Monday. Or maybe the one after that. Undeniably, each of us have one or another addiction, be it coffee, chocolate, or shopping. It is not like I won't use products up anyway... [Read More]

Sunday Specials. Douglas S.O.S. bag

Good morning!

While I have been thinking about creating my own bag I could keep at work for urgent situations, Douglas shop did that for me, and I simply had to pick it up. I know, it is not natural, but my justifications were that it could serve as a "cheat sheet" for creating a natural one... [Read More]

Dry shampoo review: Tabitha James Kraan*

Good morning, guys!

I am pretty sure each of you have heard this question at least once, and lets admit, it wasn't easy to come up with an answer. That question would be, -what beauty products would you take to a deserted island? I spent quite a lot of time thinking, and came up with an answer, that it would be dry shampoo... [Read More]

Botanicals Face Polish: Rave review*

Hello guys!

Hope you are doing alright. Is it rainy weather where you live? I am still in the hospital, therefore posts aren't coming everyday. I promise i will catch on that one day. I am being discharged Friday, so hopefully I will be able to blog more often starting Monday... [Read More]

What's in my mailbox, #1


It is not a secret for anyone, that not only I get quite a few products to try out in exchange of an honest review, but I am also a sworn shopaholic, who likes to cheer herself up by buying stuff. And sometimes, it just so happens, that things run out at the same time, and I need to fill up my stash. Or the offer is too good to pass... [Read More]

Sunday specials on a Monday: life saver


Did you know that your favorite haircare products suddenly stop working when you change environments? Be it holidays, or shower in the hospital. I have been testing out Eubiona shampoo in different scent, but not only it made my hair into an untangle-able mess, it dried out my scalp and made it all itchy. I was so angry at the shampoo, until we got talking with other girls and it turned out, it is water, not the shampoo... [Read More]

Uoga uoga: cranberry flood review

Hello again! Are you still alive after all this heat and full moon? It might be my weird prejudice, but I do feel worse. But despite that, I am really trying not to disappoint you and write as many posts as I can. Even if it means waking up at 4am and blogging just around six. :) ... [Read More]

Greek skincare: Riad of Aromas cleanser review*

Hello there!

I hope you all are well and the heat isn't affecting you in the worst way. I can definitely feel it, and my health is going crazy. I have a question: would you want me to write about my health separately and just leave this for beauty related things, or do you not mind when I insert some bits of how I feel in these posts? Please let me know... [Read More]

Woman how many lip balms do you need?; #2 (aka Filthy Farmgirl haul)


You know what? Being in hospital sucks. The fact, that they can't find how to treat my illness sucks even more. Sometimes I feel like giving up, and I have a lot of days, where I run out of spoons before 11 am. Doctors advice to spend a little bit more time in bed and try to rest... [Read More]

Belated Mini Scotland haul: beauty and candles

Hello guys!

So its been a while since I am back home, and although I miss Stumble Puppy terribly, it is time for me to get back to blogging business and try to stick with 6 weekly posts. I hope no holidays nor hospitals will interfere this time... [Read More]

Iherb haul, #2

Hello there!

Even though this year is very generous for me hospital wise, I am trying to type up as many blog posts I can before hand to put them on auto scheduling, so I don't disappear for months again. I will also be taking my laptop to the hospital and hope to god, I will be allowed to use it, otherwise someone will have to provide me with endless supplies of books. Any volunteers? ... [Read More]

Douglas makeup lesson*

Hello guys!

Probably not many of you know, that I finished makeup for yourself courses last summer, and meanwhile I got some information and some skills, I still stick to BB cream, mascara and lipgloss routine, not matter whether it is a day or night look... [Read More]

Sunday specials: Giraffe juices and smoothies*

Good morning guys!

As you know, I am highly addicted to caffeine. In fact the lack of it, gives me headache and makes me snappy. However, I realize it is not too healthy for you, and sometimes my stomach gets upset after drinking coffee, so I keep trying looking for a healthier alternative... [Read More]

Douglas Beauty nights: Opening evening

When I lived abroad quiet often i visited various beauty events on regular basis , and although occasionally I would hear about one or the other's brand consultation, I don't feel like our stores have developed the concept well enough. However, very popular Lithuanian store Douglas seems to be catching the vibe and starting to organize various events... [Read More]

Unique places, #1: You&Oil cosmetics


I don't know about you fellow bloggers out there, but in my head a little blogger is always working and I can see a potential post in almost everything. Note to myself: ALWAYS have your camera, especially, when you pick it up and put it back thinking you won't need it. As you probably understood, it turned out, I so much did... [Read More]

Ecodenta: 2in1 toothpaste with cranberry extract*


Once again i am coming to you with a confession. I have a panic fear of the dentists. Anxiety levels raises only with a thought of them, so naturally I leave it to the last minute (I know, i know..) Once I am back from Scotland, I promise I will make an appointment... [Read More]

Faith in Nature: Pineapple and Lime Shampoo*

Hello guys!

I am so sorry to have disappeared for so long again, but as the faith has it, I got quite sick - cheekbone infection is no fun at all, so I had to be put on the killer dose of painkillers and antibiotics, and although in my mind I have always been blogging, I simply couldn't handle it physically... [Read More]

Eubiona Kiwi Camomile shampoo review


It seems like I have a streaks on my favourite products to blog about. If it is not masks or serums, then it is a hair product, but is it my fault, that I find something I enjoy and what to share with my readers? ... [Read More]

Sunday Specials: Bleach London temporary hair color

Hello guys!

Believe it or not, I am being so loyal to my readers, that even though while on cuddles and kisses therapy in Scotland, I am "cheating" on Stumble Puppy with my blog and typing up this review... [Read More]

Alterra BB for lighter skin cream review

Good morning!

So, you have decided to switch to natural products? Great! There are plenty of choices both locally and on the inter-webs, but usually it is skin and body care. What do you do, if you are not a fan of mineral cosmetics - yes, I am clumsy, and half of the powder ends up all over my clothes, sink, and bathroom floor... [Read More]

Chrima Luxe minerals Flat Top Brush*: review

Well, hello there, it seems like I have got my computer back (knocks on wood and tries not to think about the price of it, both physically and morally), so I can get back to blogging. I miss it so much, you have no idea. In a lot of people's mind, mine included, a blogger is a fancy girl in a vintage dress, sitting in a fancy coffee shop with her thoughts neatly being laid on virtual paper... [Read More]

Reverse inserapables of the month: April


Yes, I totally realize, that responsible bloggers upload this type of the posts in the end of the month, within the last week of that coming month, but I am not responsible nor professional blogger and do things my way. Usually they also have already written blog posts for the loved products and will link their readers to them... [Read More]

Sunday specials: Degustabox, February&March


This post is very much overdue, but let me tell you: it is difficult to be a blogger without right means - a working computer and a coffee cup in my hand. I swear coffee makes me think clearer. It is also not easy to blog with mom snooping around and pointing to each of my beauty belongings, asking what they are. And even 4 Siera Bees balms didn't help to keep her occupied... [Read More]

Natural&Organic Products Europe, 2015

Hello guys!

Even though my pc is dead - should I say still or again, I am not sure, I am visiting my parents and going to try to make the best use out of their computer (although it is slower than a snail)... So here I am, telling you about the event I went to last weekend... [Read More]

What happened to me...

Hello guys!

I am so sorry for leaving you alone for such a long time. Somehow it happened, that both me and my computer broke at the same time. While it spent weeks in repair shop only to get a final condemption, that it is really dead... [Read More]

Rossi Skincare Moisturizing lotion*.

Good morning!

Today I have a brand new product from Rossi Skincare to present. You probably remember I have reviewed their face cleanser a while ago, which I still love and use on regular basis. I really want the brand to be famous and popular, because their products are really worth it, so can you please go and show some support to them, if not buying an item or two, then at least liking their Facebook page so the world is aware of this wonderful brand? ... [Read More]

Simply Bee's serum* review

Good morning, guys!

I wonder if it is time to rename my blog to or something along those lines, seeing, that all I write about recently, are those particular products. But what can I do, that when a brand asks me, what I would like to try out, my attention is immediately drawn to one of those products... [Read More]

Rossi Skincare, Jojoba and Coconut Shampoo*

Good morning!

I am sure you have heard me praise the company quite a few times, I fell in love with their face cleanser, I also have a rave review on their brand new Damascan rose body lotion typed up and just waiting for it to go online so I can publish the review and all of you can grab it and thank me and the brand for the discovery... [Read More]

Pillow Talk, #2: Time Of The Month*

Good morning!

This Sunday I am here to present you yet another Pillow Talk. Once again, this is going to be girlish and slightly gory topic, so if you are squeamish or a boy, please leave now, and don't complain I haven't warned you. If you are eating, you might wanna come back to this post later as well... [Read More]

Vivi intensively hydrating face cream


I am here today to deny my previous statements about how beauty bloggers like to venture out, and try as much new brands as possible, and therefore rarely repurchase an item, or buys something from the same company more than twice... [Read More]

Sunday Specials: Attention, Coffee Friends!

Good morning.

As you probably could tell by the title, we are talking about coffee today.. If a 23 year old me would be told, that I will become addicted to coffee, I would have called the guy an idiot. Yes, that's right, I haven't really started drinking coffee till I was in my Master studies... [Read More]

FriDiys, #1 : Natural skincare ingredients haul


Welcome to a very fresh category on this blog. However I have to apologize for posting it on Saturday, but a visit to emergency room and therefore lack of the post last night does justify it, I hope? FriDiys. Does that even sound right? Do you like the name? Do you have better suggestions? ... [Read More]

Lush. Mask of Magnaminty review

Good morning!

I think I might have to apologize for Lush, since I have noticed that after their move towards self preserving products, I have been stepping my foot in the store more often. Admittedly you still need to read ingredient lists, but you can find products without harmful ingredients as well... [Read More]

Natura Siberica Body Peel Review.

Good morning!

My fellow bloggers out there won't let me lie, being a blogger is both a blessing and a curse. As a beauty blogger, want you or not (you have to not want reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly hard), you stay on top of the beauty news, you know about new releases, new bloggers, new brands out there, etc... [Read More]

Lilly Bell Makeup Removing Cotton Pads Review. Yes, you can call me crazy.


Let me start by sharing something which is important for me! I have decided to give a foster home for the kitty till she finds her true owners, and she is being delivered today, and as you probably can tell, I am beyond excited! ... [Read More]

Sunday Specials. Beoti essences*

Hello guys!

I promise I am not trying to slack off the posts, and I do try my best to post at least five times a week, but once again my health has hit the rock bottom, doctor marathon has started, this time to most likely to confirm migraine diagnosis before I either go crazy or go to the bankruptcy: let me tell you pills against migraine aren't the cheapest thing on the world... [Read More]

Lush. Buche de Noel Cleanser review.

Hello my dear readers!

It seems like I am on the controversial topics kick this week on my blog. Today I am here to talk about Lush. And don't worry, I am not there to praise them, I am just here to discuss... [Read More]

Tangle Teezer. Is it worth the hype?


If I were to find the question which I get asked most, among the silly ones, such as "so what do you sell", "what use do you get out of blogging", etc., one of the normal (and justifiable) is, "so what is your holy grail product"? And as mentioned on my Uoga Uoga mask review, I like experimenting way too much and quite rarely repurchase the product, and if I do I don't really think about it much... [Read More]

Sunday Specials. Bluebird Tea Co.

Good morning!

It is no longer a secret on this blog, that I have quite a few addictions. One of them being tea. Another one? Constantly watching Zoella's vlogs. I might be slightly obsessed with her, but oh well, at least it is not bad habits, caffeine excluded, as smoking or drinking. Or though sometimes it might be harmful to my wallet... [Read More]

Rossi skincare balancing cleanser*


Disclaimer: Sometimes I get products sent for review purposes, from now on they will be marked with an *, however noone tells me what to say and all opinions are my own. With time I will try to make some kind of a clear stamp/label thingy :)

From what I understand, there is a general stereotype, that natural skincare is either very expensive or if it is not, then it is very cheap looking and having no nourishing ingredients... [Read More]

Skin Saviors: Madre Labs Night Cream review

Good morning!

How are you guys? How is the weather on your land? The temperature has dropped to -20C here, and while I personally don't mind it: I'd rather have a colder real winter with snow than wanna be winter with +2, rain and paddles everywhere; my skin doesn't seem to have the same opinion as me... [Read More]

Uoga Uoga. Fresh Mask review.

Good morning!

People often ask me, what are my holy grail products, and I never know what to say, because I rarely repurchase things. There are so many new, untried, undiscovered brands out there, and I would like to give them all a chance! ... [Read More]

Natural skincare: harmful ingredients 101

Good morning!

Let me start by saying, that I don't call myself an expert by any means, but as natural skincare is just something I am really interested it, I try to gather as much information as possible, and know what ingredients to avoid. It is however a personal preference, and I am not saying you all should do it... [Read More]

Sunday Specials: What I got for Christmas

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I am not sure if that is the right decision to make this post, seeing that they have a lot of controversy among them, and are usually seen as bragging, but I personally like it. Not only because I am interested into what other people were wishing for Christmas, but also because it gives ideas for next year's Christmas gifts... [Read More]

Kandžiukas. Natural lip plumper

Hi there!

Correct me if I am wrong, or though I will kick and scream to defend my truth, but blogging communities are one of the most awesome ones in the whole world. It is only trough them you find new companies, new products and of course, they are often guilty for your wallet damage... [Read More]

New Year Resolutions, 2015


Happy happy New Year my dear readers!

Anyone else spending their first day of New Year in the office? ... [Read More]

Sunday Specials. Gel nail polish: is it worth?

Good morning, guys!

I feel like I haven't been blogging on Sunday Specials category for quite a lot. As I am sure I have mentioned few times before, I find this category the hardest to keep up with, but hopefully with the New Year, new ideas will begin coming to my mind, and it would become easier. You are very welcome to add on with suggestions as well, please? ... [Read More]

Memebox: Tea

Hello, hello!

I just now realized it is Wednesday. Wednesday on my blog means Memebox unboxing. Sometimes it means throwback Memebox unboxing, which probably everyone has forgotten about by now, but I still have it sitting on the counter, and bugging me... [Read More]


This is going to be a post which is out of my comfort zone, I think anyone who reads my blog, can safely say, that my forte is skincare: scrubs, masks, creams, etc. I feel like I know, what I need from a skincare product, what defines a good or bad skincare item, I understand the ingredients list (more or less) and I can describe it properly. There is, after all, a reason, why I stay away from makeup products... [Read More]

Wine and Cheese Memebox!

Good morning, guys!

Ok, I must totally be dreaming and thinking too much of myself, but I highly believe I have inspired this box. I don't know what possesed me, but once Memebox staff asked us on the memeholics page what we would like to see in future boxes I mentioned wine box. It was liked many many times, and Memebox delivered (judging by the lack of boxes, Dear Memebox team maybe you wanna hire me?!) ... [Read More]

Dessert Essence Exfoliating pads


I have mentioned the exfoliating pads on my Skin Care turnaround post, but have decided, that this is rather exceptional product to write a separate blog post about. I don't know about you, but I like to experiment, and it happens quite often... [Read More]

My Current Natural Products Wishlist, #1

Good morning!

I find it the hardest to keep up with Sunday Specials category, since it needs quite a lot of inspiration, and sometimes even an effort, as well as thinking, because I would like to keep it as much as possible connected to my original direction of the blog, and at least make it about beauty, health or stay with natural topic... [Read More]

YinYang Kaolin mask, review

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I am not bragging, just stating the obvious which bloggers tend to hide by default, but we get products sent to try out. Some of them we choose ourselves, some brands choose for us - either by our skin types, skin concerns, or by their best selling product... [Read More]

Memebox: Scrub box, #1

Hello guys!

It seems like Memebox have started cutting back on their boxes, and ventured out, concentrating on developing Memeshop much more. I have been an ebay addict for quite a long, so this aspect of Memebox doesn't really interest me too much... [Read More]

Skincare Turnaround, #1

Hello guys!

I have raised myself a goal, which I have already failed anyway, so this is not an official announcement, but rather a statement, that I will try to blog as often as I can (did someone say Blogmas?), but I can't promise anything, seeing that my migraine seems to be showing its presence again, and the pill which seems to help, turns me into a melting snowman... [Read More]

Look Fantastic Beauty Box, November 2014


I wonder, do many of my readers tend to lean towards natural beauty products? Do you try to be "clean" in your skincare routine? Do you manage to follow through? Even though it hurts me to admit so, I am a huge beauty junkie... [Read More]

Sunday specials: L'officiel magazine introduction

Good morning, guys!

I am afraid I might jinx this a great deal, so can we please knock on wood all together? It is quite low season at work at the moment, and I find myself raising a question "what to do?" while at it more and more often... [Read More]

Ziaja moisturizing Cacao Cream

Hello guys!

I am going to do something, what all bloggers tend to do once in a while, and start by stating an obvious thing: winter is coming. Not only is the weather getting cold, but there are also increasing amount of people sneezing and blowing their noses all around you, me including, so forgive me for putting off the natural gift giving guide for few more days, and meanwhile let me blog about something else... [Read More]

Chocolate on my blog, part 2!

Not really though, this is just an unboxing and first impression type of review of my beloved Memebox, Chocolate Mania. I do have a tiny bone with Memebox to pick, because some of their boxes has been rather low quality recently... [Read More]

Vivi Face Washing Foam review

Hello hello!

Can we all please just ignore the elephant in the room? Yes I do talk about this gap to the right, as you can see, I am trying to implement some changes in my blog, but sometimes my knowledge and googling (go away language editor, that is a word!) skills aren't enough.. So please bare with me while I get this sorted... [Read More]

Sunday Specials. Pillow talk.

Good afternoon, girls!

I specifically say girls in this post, because I want to start with a disclaimer: this is going to be a very girlish topic, maybe slightly gross for some; so if you have no interest in feminine products, and feel uncomfortable reading about them, please leave now... [Read More]

Marmozel Face Serum: rave review

Hello guys!

I really do try hard to blog more often, but sometimes actions are farther than intentions.. I have de-toured slightly from the all natural week on Tuesday, but have you even forgiven me if I haven't blogged about that awesome event?? ... [Read More]

Essence and Catrice Beauty Event

Hello guys!!

This is quite a different post, but to be honest, I am not quite sure how can I write something, when my brain is so scattered and all over the place, but responsibility is calling... [Read More]

EcoFly Face scrub

Good morning, guys!

Please tell me I am not the only one already thinking about Christmas? I haven't had proper Christmas with my parents in about 6 years, so I can't wait for this year.. Moreover, Stumble Puppy is coming over (that is, if his flight itinerary isn't going to get screwed up by the airline company again)... [Read More]

Zoella Beauty Line

Good morning, guys!

So my sick leave as well as holidays are over, which technically should mean I should be all fresh and ready to face the world. Well, not quite, but damn, I do need to pull myself together and get back to the blogging world... [Read More]

Memebox, Earth and Sea


Sorry once again, but with broken phones and leaking taps, my blogging tends to be neglected, but here am Im bringing you Memebox Wednesday on a Friday... [Read More]

Look Fantastic Beauty Box, October


Yes, I have done it again, I have totally given in and bought the Look Fantastic Beauty Box. Yes, I know, I know, it is not natural product I am writing about again, but the curiosity and the opportunity to try out high street level products won over... [Read More]

Beauty Expo, Grozis 2014

Good morning guys!

I might be the worst blogger in the world. I went to the Beauty Expo yesterday, and I was meaning to make a post in the afternoon, but somehow my few hours in the expo ended up being almost 6hours, and in the evening I was off to meet up with some virtual friends, and when I got home at half past ten, I was too exhausted to even speak... [Read More]

Reviva Labs, Honey and Almond Scrubs review (rant)

Hello hello!

It is a mini celebration today, guess who's Facebook page has just reached 100 likes this month? Looking back at my posts, I realized, that basically all of my reviews has been positive, and that's fine, it just means I do my research before buying a product... [Read More]

Awesome natural deodorant by Marmozel

Hello hello!

I am so sorry for hiatus, but I feel like unbearable headache and anxiety attacks are quite a good excuse for abandoning this blog for a while. I didn't want to post while not feeling well, since it would reflect on the posts, and I didn't want them to feel forced, but I will try to come back on track... [Read More]

Sierra's Bees Manuka Honey Cream review


Can you feel winter coming? I can :) Well, okay, maybe I am looking a bit too far ahead, but I think i am just so tired of a hot summer :)

Anyway, I decided, that while weather is getting colder and colder, is only appropriate to introduce you with the Sierras bees Calendula cream, which in my opinion is best suited for the colder months... [Read More]

What's in my makeup bag? Collaboration with Lithuanian Beauty Blog

Hello hello!

Not only this post is out of my set days for blogging, it is also very short. You know why? Because i want to brag :) I was honored to be offered to share and write about the contents of my makeup bag on the biggest blog in Lithuania- Lithuanian Beauty Blog, which I have accepted without much doubt... [Read More]

Memebox, Skincare

After I have bashed Memebox last week, it only felt appropriate that I write a long praising post with the box where I literally loved everything and I have sworn, I will get every and each and every version of it they come up with... [Read More]

L'occitane Surprise box (September, 2014)


It is another Monday, and I am sitting here writing about L'occitane again.. (okay, okay, I am pre-writing, but it will be Monday)...Should I make this a thing?? Just kidding, I am sure, it would get boring pretty soon if it would be all I write about... [Read More]

Sunday Specials (Vegan Tuck box)


Not that my posts aren't million words long anyway, as you probably gathered, I opened Sunday specials category just so I can talk even more. Are you hungry? I do hope so, since this post is about food. So, before you go ahead and read this, get yourself a snack: chances are, you will be involuntary reaching for one... [Read More]

Holika Holika BB Cream


What would this blog be without a post about BB cream? BB creams are still a very controversial thing, and from my point of view and various reviews I have heard, people either love them or hate it. I am quite bias toward Asian ones, and I still have to find a western one I like... [Read More]

Memebox, Vitamin Care

When you love something so much, it has to come as an exception rather than a rule, right? This is the first Memebox which I am feeling really blah about. I had high expectations for this theme, and I felt like it had so many potential, however I don't feel it lived up to it :) ... [Read More]

L'occitane foaming cleanser

Hi there!

Can you tell yet what is one of my favorite brands? I am here today to tell you about the foaming cleanser from L'occitane.. Have you ever noticed that you only appreciate a certain thing if you happen to find yourself without it? ... [Read More]

Sunday specials (Bath and Bodyworks Candle Haul)

Good morning!

Is it just me or is autumn just around the corner? I always wonder, why so many people loathe autumn? I happen to be a weirdo who quite enjoys the season (maybe it is because I was born in September?) just think of coming home, wrapping yourself in a lovely blanket, starring through the window at rain drops falling down the windowsill... [Read More]

Woman, how many lip balms do you need? (#1)


I am not sure if this is gonna be a weekly or a monthly feature, I guess we will see which, if this catches on. However, in this small section of my blog, I will try to feature my most used and loved lip balms, share some hauls with extremely cute packaging I just couldn't resist... [Read More]

Memebox, Cacao

Chocolate!! Is it just me, or do you guys also are ready to melt every time you hear the word chocolate? I am sometimes kidding that if you want to have me for life, get me coffee, chocolate and raspberries, and I am all yours :) ... [Read More]

Deep steep, Body Scrub

Good morning!

Let me greet you with a rave review this Monday morning. Even though, I have tried only few things from this brand, I would gladly say, this might be one of my favourite natural brands... [Read More]

Sunday Specials ("Salionas" review)

After a while of consideration, and advice from my blogging coach - in the form of the significant other - I have decided to add one more category - Sunday specials. What is so special about Sundays, you might ask? ... [Read More]

L'occitane surprise box, August 2014

Hello again!

I have heard/read somewhere, and because I totally related with it, I will share with you, "I don't drink, I don't smoke, but I damn, I am a human, I ought to have an addiction!" Yes, that's how I am going to justify my impulsive, unnecessary purchases from now on... [Read More]

Korean gem, Memebox


I mentioned addictions on my first post, right? I'm pretty sure I have enough memeboxes, and as I have even more coming, I'm thinking about opening up a new category - Memebox Wednesdays, where I would tell you all about the boxes I've gotten... [Read More]

Iherb haul, #1


As mentioned in my introduction page, sometimes the shopping addict within me escapes, and I have no choice, but just to give in. Also, sometimes my mom leaves me with no choice, by snagging something of mine, and it just has to be my holy grail... [Read More]